A Country Made For Expanding

A Beautiful Country

American imperialism is expanding borders and expanding trade to help better expand trading for countries. Japan is already a beautiful and buzzing with activity. With American expansion and culture, Japan can expand it's influence and continue to be the same Japan that everybody loves.

The Gate to Asia

The American expansion to Japan can benefit both the United States and Japan. This agreement can lead to further expansion and trading with various other countries in both the east and the west. We will make new allies along the way and eventually make friends to help us in a situation and get what the people of Japan want.

Exotic Foods and Grains

Japan offers exotic seafood, meats, and grains. Rice, soybeans, squid, shrimp, tea, and etc. Overproduction of both Japanese and American industries are causing companies of both countries to lose money. With trading post and advanced shipping of both raw materials and technology can help everyone.

Military Advantage

With many islands in the pacific, any military can expand their control over territory with military bases and ships. This is a vital place for expanding a country's political, military, and economic power.

So Why Not Expand With Japan?