Treasures in The Attic

Project By: Annabella Wells


As I was looking among my bookshelf... I saw this book. It seemed older, and different than the rest. It was black with a weird emblem. It was falling apart with the pages all wrinkled. I had, to find more out about it. The Lord of the Rings is written by an English scholar. It was written in parts in 1930's and 1940's during World War II, and over fifteen million copies have been sold. It was written by J.R.R Tolkien, it was published of the course of a year from July 29th, 1954 to October 1955. I have had the book in the family, and the pages are falling apart.


My dad was born on August 17th, 1976. My Uncle is fourteen years older than my dad. My Uncle Allen got the book at an antique store in the 1980's. He gave it to my dad because he knew that it would be a neat gift. Now the book has become a family treasure.

Life in the U.S.

When the book was being written, World War II was going on, and the United States was recovering from The Great Depression. The president of The United States of America was Franklin D. Roosevelt. The population was about 123,188,000 and there were only forty-eight states. The book was published October 20th 1955. There were new inventions in the 1940's. The microwave (used to spot Nazi planes), a color television, a Jeep, Aerosol Hairspray, a Transister Radio, silly putty, and velcro.

The World

On September 2nd, 1940-The Smokey Mountains National Park, the most visited park in the National Park Service today,was officially deticated by president Franklin D. Roosevelt. The park, whose land had been acquired, in part, by John D. Rockefeller Jr. with a $5 million contributions, straddles the North Carolina and Tennessee state lines.

World War II started by an attack on Poland. Soon after that Germany had been overturned by the Nazis. At first, the British were the only ones to fight back. The U.S. did not help in the war until Japan bombed Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, the largest U.S. naval base. American factories put out war supplies, the U.S economy again boomed. In May 1945 Americans danced in the streets when the war in Europe ended with Germany's surrender.


Books are a lot different today than they were when The Lord of The Rings was first published. Paper backs are more common than they were in the 1940's. Also, today books are on Kindle Fire's and most popular books are made into movies. Instead of reading a book, children often watch the movies of that book.