These News Are Out Of This World!

All About Abby's Spring Break

I Went To The Moon!

On Tuesday, March 9, 2015, Atheer and I traveled to the moon. We were sent by NASA to travel to the moon and film a documentary. We went with a film crew who filmed, directed, and produced the entire movie. We stayed for five days.
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I Found Aliens!

While filming the documentary, I stumbled (literally) upon aliens disguised as rocks. I accidentally kicked one and it made a noise. Upon further inspection from the scientists aboard the ship, we discovered multiple breeds of this species. The one I accidentally kicked was a child that was only five years old. They weren't harmful creatures and were very peaceful to us humans.
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Your Life Is A aLIEn!

We found similar genetic makeup throughout all of the rocks in the universe that we were capable of studying and testing. It turns out every single rock is a living creature. Believe it or not, when a human dies, they turn into these creatures. They grow larger as they age, the oldest being planets, moons, and stars. This is an extremely interesting and unique discovery. We've found a way to communicate with the rock creatures and discovered that the earth and moon are currently fighting a war against each other. This is the reason they are closer together and also the reason the moon is slowly receding away from the earth.

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