February 10th AMSHS Weekly Update

Building independent lifelong learners.

Principal's Corner

Hello Warrior Family!

We had a great winter homecoming week! Thank you to all the hard work put in by students, staff, and the community. A special thank you to Marissa Meyer and Amanda Hamilton for organizing the event and sponsoring the Homecoming Dance Saturday night.

We are coming up on District Basketball and Wrestling. Baseball practice has started and FFA week is just around the corner. Lots of exciting things happening at AMSHS and if you have any questions about upcoming dates or events, check out our social media pages or feel free to call the office.

Congratulations Miss Helm for being our staff member of the week! A staff member wrote, “Ms. Helm is a team player and always willing to help out. She did me a great favor this week by picking up my pennies for patients items from Sam's club! I appreciate it!” Ms. Helm we appreciate all you do for students and staff.


Mrs. Barbara Terry

Middle School/ High School Principal

Albany R-3 School District

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Counselor's Corner

Hey Warriors! Thank you so much for all the love and support for National Counseling Week! It is a joy to work with AMSHS students!

Info for next week:

Pennies for Patients is coming up starting February 14th-24th. There will be several opportunities to raise money for a local Albany family as they battle cancer. The first day, Tuesday, students can buy a Tootsie Pop for 50 cents during lunch.

  1. Warrior Time change jars: Each warrior time will have a jar to collect money. Whichever Warrior Time raises the most will win a sonic drink party.

  2. There will be daily items for students to buy each day. Some days there will be candy items to buy and others will be for activities students can participate during the day. Please see the attached flyer for more information.

  3. Dress up days- the MS/HS dress up days are going to vary from the elementary due to Feb 21-24 being FFA week. The dress up days are coordinated with the dress up days for FFA week.

  4. Pie in the Face competition- some staff members have volunteered to be in the running for a pie in the face competition. Mr. Smith, Mrs. Crowley, Mrs. Fine, Mrs. Rolves, and Miss Helm have all volunteered. Students will be able to fill their jars during lunch time each day and whoever’s jar has the most money will get pie in the face at the end of week 2 or the following Tuesday.

  5. We will have some items from local businesses to raffle off as well. Tickets will be sold until February 24th with winners announced the following Tuesday. If student would like to sell tickets, please see Mrs. Carlock. Ticket winners do not need to be present to win.


Please let me know if you are interested in attending vo-tech next year. We have an opportunity to go and visit the school and learn about the programs on March 1st at 8:45am-10:30am. I need to know your name, and two areas of vocational interest. The options are:

Auto Collision

Automotive Technology

Construction Technology

Early Childhood Careers

Health Sciences

Welding Technology

I have pamphlets about each area if you would like to read about them as well.

Scholarship Deadlines Coming Up:

Seniors- remember to be filling out your scholarship applications! If anyone needs extra copies, come see me! I also have planned scholarship workshops for the next two Fridays during warrior time.

Carl Messner QUWF Scholarship- Deadline is Feb 15, 2023


-Resume, personal statement, 2 letters of recommendation required

The ScholarLink scholarships are due March 1st. Make sure you are going in and answering the qualifying questions to see which scholarships you are eligible for. If anyone needs help with this, please let me know.

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Please help us keep our gym and school clean by disposing of your trash properly at ballgames.

AMSHS Drama Department Presents...

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Performance will be on March 4th and 5th. More details on tickets sales coming soon!

Important Information About Student Academics

Official Grade Check was Friday, Feb. 10th. Teachers will be contacting parents of students who are on the ineligibility list. Per our handbook policy, students who are not eligible are not allowed to attend any extracurricular activities or functions. Ineligible students may attend practice but cannot dress out for games. If you have any questions, please contact your child's teacher, coach, or the office.

Each student is allotted 7 days to be absent each semester without a doctor's note. If your child is absent, please contact the office and bring a doctors note upon return so their absence is excused and not counted towards these 7 days. If your child has more than 7 unexcused absences, they will need to attend Monday school to receive semester credit.

Students receive independent reading time daily in class so we have decided to incorporate the AR program into your child's classroom grade. Each teacher has a plan on how this will be accomplished. This information was shared with students. If you have any questions, please contact your child's teacher.

Students who have more than 3 missing assignments could serve lunch detention so they can work on missing assignments.

The handbook policy states students may have 7 absences per semester. Please make sure you turn in doctor's notes to the office. Monday school will be held on February 27th. Notes will be mailed home this week if your child needs to attend. Contact the office if you have any questions.

Per our handbook policy, after the 6th tardy, students will serve an after school detention. Please see the disciplinary section of the handbook for more information about our tardy policy.

Important Upcoming Dates

Feb 16th- 8-12 Band Mtg for Chicago trip at 5PM in the Band Room

Feb 18th- Middle School Winter Formal from 7-9PM at the Williford Building

Feb 14th-24th- Pennies for Patients

Feb 21st-24th- FFA Week

Feb 27th- Monday School

Don't forget about weekly Friday 7AM Booster Club meetings at Deb's Diner

Albany Middle and High School (AMSHS)

At AMSHS, our students & staff collaborate to set goals, improve learning, and increase school pride by creating a positive school culture. Warrior students take ownership of their futures and become motivated, actively engaged citizens. The students and staff aspire to ensure a safe, secure, and inclusive environment in our community.