U.S. Senate

Sieana Harrison


  • Senators must be 30 years old
  • They have to be a citizen for 9 years before election

Term of Office

  • 6 year terms
  • Staggered elections, senate can not be replaced all at once

Salary and Benefits


  • $174,000 a year
  • Twenty-seventh Amendment
  • Large allowences to pay for their office staff, assistants, trips home, telephones, telegrams and newsletters
  • Entitled to an income tax deduction


  • Stationery, postage for official business called the franking privilege
  • A medical clinic
  • A gymnasium
  • When retired they may be eligible for pensions of $41,000-$55,000 (average) or more a year for the rest of their life

Privileges of Members

Certain privileges to protect them while in legislative such as:

  • Free from arrestin cases except treason, felony, and branch of the peace
  • Cannot be sued for anything they say on the House or Senate floor
  • Power of exclusion