3rd grade reflection



How to plan a story. You write about A opinion,informational,narrative stories. Opinion is where you try to convince people to chose your answer or agree with you. Narrative is where you write a story about someone or something saying if you like them or not or just write about them.

Write 5-6 sentence paragraphs. When you write a paragraph you HAVE to at least have 5-6 sentences. If you don’t have 5 or 6 than you have to keep writing till you have 5-6 of them. For example the literacy one when you write a story you have to write 5 or 6 because if you don’t than you don’t have a paragraph. If you do have 5 or 6 than you wrote a paragraph.

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Multiplication. OK multiplication is where you do like for example 6 times 7=42 that’s doing times. It may be hard but when you get to 3rd grade you’ll get use to it. You’ll be OK when you get to it trust me.

Division.Division is where you another example 6 divided by 2=3. That’s how you do it. Now you may of already know how to do this. But this is just a better help for you. If you do know how to do it i think you’ll be OK with it in 3rd grade if you do it. Here’s A division problem for you. 7 divided by 4= type the answer.

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Clouds project cumulonimbus ,Stratus,Cumulus, Cirrus. Cumulonimbus is BIG blackish and grayish clouds. They can cause A LOT of destruction like tornadoes or hail or anything like that. mean a storm is coming in soon or in 24 hours. Stratus is BIG FLAT cloud and they mean it's probably gonna rain or not.Cumulus means it's gonna have bad weather in 24 hours. They also turn into cumulonimbus clouds. ISN'T THAT COOL!! If it’s not than i don’t know what life you're living in.

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Social studies

Rivers.Rivers are well you probable know what they are like the Mississippi river or Congo river or any other rivers. Rivers are different from lakes. Some rivers or lakes can stop and lead to a waterfall or a ocean. I don’t really know.

Maps. Maps help people find thing’s or so they won’t get lost and find countries. You could use a campus but id prefer a map instead. What will you choose . write it there beside the word chose. I really want to know what you are gonna chose.

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Because it helps keep up with our things. Because if you don’t keep organized than you could lose something REALLY important. Like homework or something you need to turn in. Like a permission slip or a or money for a field trip! That would be bad if someone found it. That’s why you need to keep organized.

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OUR PLAY. BECAUSE IT IS very FUN AND YOU DO COOL ACTIVITIES. Like the stuff you get to do. It’s so fun. Like the buckets or cups with holes in the bottom so the water will leak on your head. It’s COLD. Or the cups where you dip them in the BIG trash can and dip it in there and get water and dump it in a soda can with it on top someones head. I think that was it.

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