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January 4, 2022

Message From Dr. Corey Ray, Principal

I hope you and your family had a wonderful and healthy holiday season. The Christmas Store was once again a tremendous success thanks in large part to our supportive school community. We received a total of $2,508.40 in monetary donations. We spent $783.94 to purchase gift items from our local stores for the Christmas Store. The remaining $1724.46 will go into a student needs school account. The funds in the account are used to provide our students with things such as milk cards and other basic student need items.

Even though we are in the coldest weeks of the year, we will try to get our students outside as much as we can. Please be sure to dress your students for outdoor recess on a daily basis. It is also wise to have your child’s coat labeled with their name. There will be times when it is just too cold to go outside for extended periods of time. However, sometimes it is enough to take students outside for a couple minutes for some fresh air.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the grace that you have shown throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. It is easy to become overwhelmed with the fluid circumstances which we are currently experiencing. However, our partnership with you has helped us successfully navigate our present landscape. I also have great respect for our Board of Education and our district superintendents for the work they have done in leading in possibly the most difficult time in the history of public education. Our teachers have done incredible work educating our students under some of the most difficult of circumstances. Our support staff have also been phenomenal in helping teachers, students, and parents. The pandemic circumstances will continue to be fluid for the foreseeable future. However, rest assured that we will successfully navigate these times together to secure the future of our children.


  • School opens at 7:30 am, please do not drop your student off earlier than that.

  • Due to safety concerns and since we do not have a crossing guard car riders MUST be dropped in the lower lot car rider circle.

  • When entering the car rider lane in AM or PM, you must come off of Rolla Street, please do not make a left hand turn off of Lanning Lane. Do not drop your child off at the front office door. This is for the safety of your child.


  • We cannot accept at home COVID test results. Results must come from a doctors office.
  • If your child is quarantined, and you need a chrome book, we can check one out to your child at the office. Please return promptly when finished with quarantines.
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