Fabulous Fifth Grade

Fall News ~ From Middlesex 5th grade

Fall Updates

It has been a while since our first e-news letter. Your children have settled in nicely to 5th grade. It has been very enjoyable watching them rise to meet new challenges and expectations! As the end of the first trimester approaches, we wanted to take a moment to update you on upcoming English Language Arts activities and upcoming activities in the 5th grade.


Conference time is quickly approaching . Please use the links below to schedule your conference. We look forward to speaking with you. In the event that you do not have access to technology, computers are available for you to use in the school office. Another option is to call the school office 717-240-0350 and one of our school secretaries, Mrs. Wandling or Mrs. Brackett, will help you schedule your conference(s).

Mr. Ewert - http://cvschools.org/webpages/cewert/forms.cfm?myform=10282

Mrs. Sevcik - http://www.cvschools.org/webpages/ssevcik/forms.cfm?myform=10713

Mr. Valentine - http://www.cvschools.org/webpages/bvalentine/forms.cfm?myform=10723

Miss Cross -mailto:ccross@cvschools.org

Mrs. Davis - http://www.cvschools.org/webpages/ddavis/forms.cfm?myform=10637

Miss Orsini - http://www.cvschools.org/webpages/borsini/forms.cfm?myform=10638


Thank you for supporting your child with his/her goal setting journal. They are really enjoying the letters some of you are writing back. If you haven't done so, take a minute to read your child's goal reflection and respond with a positive note or constructive criticism. They LOVE reading your responses.

On Monday mornings some students have be seen settling in to eagerly read what you have written. It really does matter to them.

Science - Unit 1 Post Test Coming Soon

We will be wrapping up our Soil, Rocks, and Landforms Unit during the next few weeks. It is time to prepare for the first major science test. Study vocabulary and notes in the green science workbook.

Flashcards can be studied online using Study Blue https://s.tudy.it/tpzyr


Please make sure you have updated your contact information in CVSIS. All school related permissions are needed and are now completed via this site. Please complete this information ASAP!

If you have forgotten your password, there is a link to request it.


Harvest at Homecoming is this Week!

Items to donate

Monday - Macaroni Monday

Tuesday - Tuna Tuesday

Wednesday - Wheaties Wednesday

Thursday - Souper Thursday

Friday -Fruity Friday (canned fruits)

ELA Updates

Vocabulary Surge

All classes recently took their Latin Roots lessons 10 & 11. We will now continue our exploration of Latin Roots in lessons 12 & 13.

Below is a list of the upcoming Latin Roots and meanings for you to use as you needed to help your child prepare for the next assessment.

LESSONS 12 & 13 Roots and Meanings

Judge/judge/judic -To rule or decide

Jur/jus -Law or right

leg - law

cred - To believe

Feder/fid/fide/fide - Trust or faith

Sense/sense/sent - To feel, perceive, know

Anni/annu - year

Close/close/clude/clude/clus - To shut or close

Fin/fine/fine/finis - end

Vit/vita/viv - To live

Corp - Body

Dorm - To sleep

Grammar focus for October -

The grammar focus for October is prepositions. Online preposition practice can be found at https://www.turtlediary.com/games/preposition.html.


The grammar focus for November will be interjections. Hey! You may remember the popular School House Rock song on Interjections https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YkAX7Vk3JEw. Wow! You can point out interjections whenever they may occur for the next few weeks. Geez, that would be amazing fun.


Our fiction unit will continue throughout the end of this Trimester. Review the Quick Checks as they come home to help your child where needed.

Our Unit One Post Test will be sometime during the 2nd week of November. This is an assessment which will require your child to apply all skills learned thus far in Reading and in Grammar.

Skills yet to come:

Point of View - First person (me, we , I ), 2nd person (you), 3rd person (he,she, they)

Theme - The message the author is trying to express.

Paired texts - analyzing passages about the same subject.

Skills we have covered:

Plot - Exposition, rising action, conflict, climax, falling action, resolution

Summarizing - ability to retell the passage accurately

Context Clues - using the surrounding text to help us determine the meaning of unfamiliar words.

Figurative Language - similie, metaphor, onomatopoeia, hyperbole, idiom

Character Traits - Using evidence in the passage to make accurate predictions about what the character may do next.

Fall Festival

Friday, Oct. 28th, 2pm

250 North Middlesex Road

Carlisle, PA

A yellow paper requesting a picture for the craft project was sent home a few days ago. The picture will be cut and not returned. Please send the picture to school.

Sign up to bring a snack or to volunteer : http://www.cvschools.org/webpages/ssevcik/forms.cfm?myform=10658

Mrs. Stephanie Sevcik, Mr. Cody Ewert, Mr. Brian Valentine, Miss Carly Cross

5th grade teachers - Middlesex Elementary School

Upcoming Dates

Oct. 20th - PTO meeting 6:30 pm

Oct. 28th - Fall Festival Party

Oct. 28th - Cumberland Valley Homecoming

Nov. 10th - Picture Retake Day

Nov. 11th - Veteran's Day activities

Nov. 14th - American Education Week

Nov. 15th - 17th - Student Store during lunch

Nov. 16th - End of Trimester 1

Nov. 17th - Report Cards issued