Cultural Geography Resource Map

by Joseph Blackey

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Geography and Globalization

Geography and globalization help the spread of ideas and technology, and provide more oppertunities in poorer places. But is not without drawbacks.

So What Does This Mean?

The entire thing that these maps mean is that oil coming from Saudi Arabia is sent to France to be turned into plastic. Tungsten comes from China and Copper from Mexico. Further oil comes from Louisiana. And the coal used in the ink comes from Russia. All of this product comes into Mexico via large container ships that connect a vast global trade system that all comes together in a factory in Mexico .


(You're A) Strange Animal by Retrocity
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Population and Globalization, Also Georgraphy

Ever since the creation of NAFTA trade between America and Mexico have become increasingly relaxed, because of this manufacturing in Mexico has become easier and easier and more importantly cheaper. Because of that, the Bic factory was placed in one of the most densely populated areas in Mexico, around Mexico city. An ancient city built on the banks of the Rio Bravo.

So why does all of this matter?

The globalization involved in the making of a simple pen is more complex than people can even imagine. Geography also has an intense impact on all of our lives. For example the place where I live, I live in because it was once a part of the country that traded mainly in timber and because that industry has left the area, there were many people without jobs.
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The Pros and Cons

For many in Mexico, especially those in the dense urbanization and Hoovervilles around Mexico City, NAFTA was a ray of light in exceedingly dark world. The opportunities provided many of those in extreme poverty was profound, it gave hope for a brighter future. However, dangerous working conditions and mass industrial positions. As well as large scale resource depletion has made advancing their standings in life that much more challenging.
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What we can do to fix it.

There is no one easy answer to the problem of the extreme hardships that are sometimes caused by globalization. Everyone wants cheap products, and in order to have cheap products money has got to be saved along the way. The environment at least can be saved with the advance of technology, green solutions become more and more reasonable and more companies conform to environmental standards. The human element is trickier. However, as stabdards in the industrializing world increase. So does that's standard of living and at lest in some places the people prosper. Most of the problems with humanity can be solved by just a few people trying to give these struggling countries a better chance at a stronger economics a more satisfying life. So in a way, while globalization. May hurt some people. In the long run it will improve people's lives.
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Where can we go from here? 15 years?

There is no doubting the fact that globalization is a fact of our lives and that it will only continue to expand. But I believe that a more connected world will be a safer world to live in, who knows. Maybe someday we will all become so similar in culture that we won't have a reason to fight anymore. One can always hope for the best and well the threat of global pandemic is sky high now. Globalization works to give people better lives So who knows what 15 years will bring but what we can say that the world will be a much more interconnected place with still more cultural blending and reform. And hopefully a more peaceful world.

My 6 Word Claim

Globalization for some, danger for all.