Julia Child

By Kimberly Trevino

When she was born , died and she started her Career

Julia Child was born August 15, 1912 in Pasadena , California, and she passed away on August 13 , 2004 from a kidney failure at age 19. She started her career in 1948 when she moved to France where she developed a penchant for French cuisine

Julia Child before becoming a famous chef

Julia Child was the one who brought French cuisine to American households.

She was a basketball player and a chef of the OSS registry and held top secret papers about the Invasion of the Malay Peninsula , she became interested in food while living in China

Television career

By the end of 1965 her show The French Chef was carried by 96 PBS station. The show went on from February 11, 2963 to 1973 , also was on Americas first cooking show


Julia Child was the first woman inducted into the culinary institute of Americas Hall of fame in 1993


Julia Child made up to 18 books , the first one was called "Mastering the Art of French Cooking Volume one" and the last one was called "My life in France"

How she changed the world of culinary

Julia Child changed the culinary world by many ways. Including the fact that she was the first female chef and changed the way woman saw cooking and gave them the idea of making good meals for the family

Julia's Favorite recipes

Out of all of Julia's recipes her favorite one was the Roast Chicken recipe

Julia's first career

Before she became a famous chef she had enrolled at Smith College in Northampton , Massachusetts wanting to become a writer