The Road to Perseverance

Sarah Carroll May 2016

What is Perseverance?

Perseverance is the ability to NEVER give up despite adversities and keep going to become successful.

Eleanor Roosevelt and Winston Churchill Compare and Contrast

Here is an infographic comparing and contrasting the triumphs of Eleanor Roosevelt (former first lady of U.S.) and Winston Churchill (former prime minister of the U.K.)
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Picture of Eleanor Roosevelt

Jackie Robinson Cause and Effect

Here is an infographic on how the time period of Robinson's perseverance affected him:
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Jackie Robinson Up to Bat

Walt Disney Perseverance Description

When someone thinks about Walt Disney, the first thing that may come to mind is probably some of his famous characters like Mickey Mouse, Goofy, or Donald Duck. Walt Disney is now known as one of the most noble men in animation, winning lots of awards and respect before and after he passed away. His life wasn't always Hollywood lights-like, though.

Young Walt grew up in a strict household accompanied by a rough childhood. He and his siblings never had toys, and they never had any games. Walt also did not have a very good education, he basically didn't have much of a childhood. Sometimes, their father punished them with a belt. He had a dark past, but that may have influenced him to make children's entertainment as he grew older.

Disney also had many other adversities, including his workers going on strike against him. Also, some of his workers did not like him because of Walt's over-working and perfectionist personality. In result to this, Walt suffered a few nervous breakdowns throughout his life before he died in 1966.

In conclusion, Walt Disney fought through many adversities in his life. They were rough and they broke him down. Still, despite opposition and these adversities, Disney still pulled trough to become one of the most successful and famous people today.

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Walt Disney and Some of His Characters

Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg Chronological/Sequential

Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg, a famous violinist, had to overcome many adversities of hers to have gotten to where she is today. First, Nadja was beginning to yield to her adversities (her low self confidence) in her college years at Julliard and she decided to quit playing her beloved violin for a long period of time. She was brought down when she saw all of her peers at Julliard because they're so talented at what they do. That was a very dark time in her life. Second, Miss DeLay, Nadja's violin coach who always spent lesson time for talking about Nadja's problems with her, made Nadja finally bring her violin back to class or else she would kick her out. Little did Nadja know, this would give her perseverance to start again.

The next thing Nadja did to overcome her adversity was she decided to audition to compete in the Naumburg competition, even though she was WAY out of shape for not playing for months. After trying out for that competition, Nadja faces another adversity when her apartment catches fire. Even though this happens, Nadja later finds out she made the semifinals of the Naumburg competition.

Next, in the semifinals, Nadja takes a big risk and she decides to play a weak musical piece of hers. When she played it, she did not expect to play it perfectly, even though she did! Finally, Nadja goes to the finals of the Naumburg competition and wins the competition. She decided to pursue the violin as a career, and she became world-class and very famous. Nadja had to take many steps to overcome her adversities, but in the end, she was successful.

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Nadja With Her Violin

Eula Hall Problem/Solution

Eula Hall had to face many problems in her life before she became an inspiration for many. One of her issues as a child was that she was a poor country girl living in poverty in the Appalachians. Over there, poverty is present and very poor families live there without proper health care. As she grew older, lots of her children had physical and mental issues because of lack of prenatal care, and the eighth-grade dropout had seven siblings, most of whom had mental and physical issues as well. Even though she had to face this, she still dealt with it greatly and took it on with resilience by helping out and creating a medical clinic for her community. The next problem she faced in the past was that her initial medical clinic she had used lots of her money on burned down to the ground from a fire. Eula was really upset and disappointed when this happened, but she still moved on and began to plan how she would keep her clinic alive. She had been putting her mind to work. One of the last adversities she had to deal with was that she had to move her clinic to various places like schools, trailers, and other places. Eula's best solution to this was to just keep up her persistence. Eula spent a lot of her time either collecting donations, hosting dinners, and advertising on radios. After three months of work, Eula finally settled down with her $102,000 and secured a federal grant for her to receive a new clinic.

Lessons Learned From Perseverance

One can learn lots of lessons from the perseverance of the people shown above in this newsletter and many others. One thing someone can learn is that adversities will never define someone unless they let them. Also, someone can learn that adversities should be taken and turned into triumphs by making the best out of each problem to be successful. Most importantly, however, is to always, always keep trying and to never give in to pain.
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Perseverance Road Sign