Sammy Trujillo

Sydney Australia

Airfare cost and schedule

This flight will have 2 stops. I will start at Denver and stop at salt lake city. From salt lake city i will be stopping in Los Angeles. Then from Los Angeles i will be on my way to Sydney Australia. The entire flight will cost me and my friend about $3987 in total. Then on the way back we will start in Sydney Australia then go to Los Angeles then go to Salt lake city then finally back to Denver. We agreed to not purchase anything at the airports or at any of the stops.


Once we get to Sydney Australia we will be staying in a hotel called Amora hotel. The hotel has air condition, Internet, and a bar/lounge. It also has a pool, resturants, and spa. The total cost of staying in the hotel would cost about $247. And thats only for a day. We might stay in the Amora hotel for a about a week. That means the total for a week would come out to be $1729. The Menzies hotel is way more expensive and cost $348 a day. The grand total would be about $2436 for a week. Im glad were staying at the Amora hotel insted of the Menzies hotel.,NSW,Australia-c2258/2014-04-09/2014-04-30/2guests


Once we settle in Sydney we aim on going to the beach and exploring a little bit downtown. Downtown we urge to go on a tour and stopping at the queen Victoria building. It should be pretty fun and not cost as much and we pleasure only spend about $100 in total. It will be fun day and by the time me and my friend get back to the hotel we will be tired and have fun the day after! Our desire is to also hoping to meet some people so they can show us around a little more. That will be perfect. That way we don't have to pay for a tour but we got to make sure the people we meet aren't creepy.

Problems to anticipate and solutions suggested

I researched about the problems about Sydney Australia and i found two big problems. One big problem is getting lost. That's why the solution for that is to study the map if you do not want to get lost. Another problem i should worry about is the crimes. The crime rate in Australia is pretty high. So if we get robbed then we will have to go home right away. So the solution for that is to watch your back and don't be alone in like a ally. Always be in like a crowded area so you can fell safe.


Even though you can travel to anywhere else instead of Sydney Australia, I suggest still traveling to Australia is the cheapest trip there is.