Interior Designer



A few tasks an interior designer needs to complete are the ability to examine objects to be included in houses, offices, and venues. You also need to be able to assign staff to complete design ideas and prepare sketches, direct and coordinate construction, select and purchase furniture and objects to match your designs. And you must be able to get to know the client in order to understand what they are interested in.


In order to apply for most jobs, you must have completed four years of college with a bachelors degree.

Yearly, you normally would make about $98,900, while living and working in New York City, New York.

Interior Designer Working Conditions

Some working conditions for this job would be traveling to find new styles and objects for your clients, going to your customers houses, working in an office some of the time, being on the computer to design, and shopping either online or on foot. One last working condition would be having to give up parts of your weekends when clients cant meet during the week.