Superintendent Bahr Newsletter

November 2020

Giving Thanks ~ Finding A Way

You’ve heard it said that change is the only constant. And, this year as I celebrate another birthday at the end of October during a pandemic, the truer that feels. Seasons come and go, and all of life changes alongside them. Everything is always in motion. The leaves change colors almost before our eyes, and the geese start their long trip south in a blink of an eye it seems. No matter how long it takes, nothing stays the same. For better or for worse, everything is always changing.

This is a given, however, I like routine. I like structure. I like when things fall into place. I like things remaining the same, I also like to keep attached to something that holds me in a place that is familiar. So often I think we get comfortable and fear any change. And I know in my own life, there have been moments when I have questioned these natural tendencies and the routines and habits I hold fast to. I have wondered if I might live more freely without fighting the change as it comes.

Instead of stifling me, routines and traditions actually provide a safe place for me to grow and explore and be. They serve a purpose that allows us to embrace change yet have some things remain the same, for some stability in a chaotic time. The time with family, faith and happy moments make our hearts feel full and meaningful.

The constants of our life can be significant things like faith, prayer, but they can also be seemingly small and mundane like yoga, nature walks with grandkids or even running. The magical thing is that they somehow offer a place of refuge in the ever-changing landscapes of our lives.

This past spring when the world shut down, I kept feeling myself drawn to walking and listening to podcasts which I never had done before. I think it provided a place for me to wrestle with the devastation happening in the world and the uncertainty of what the future might hold for so many people. I came to realize that the familiar rhythms of nature, changing seasons and connecting with neighbors provided a level of comfort. As I moved through my walks, my heart was able to find some rest. It was a safe place for me to think and process the rapidly changing world around me.

Then I understood that walking in nature has played a pivotal role in my life over the years, even when I haven’t realized it. I remember turning to the outdoors when work was using every last ounce of my creative energy and the ways it recharged me and allowed me to reclaim some creativity.

Season after season, the rhythms of nature have been my stronghold, and the peace it’s provided me has been an anchor. Because everything changes, and the difficult truth is that I simply don’t have any control over it. I can wake up with fresh intentionality for each day. And as new seasons come, I can step into them with renewed purpose.

These are pursuits I will always believe in and will always go after with an open heart. But even with those efforts, circumstances will arise that can’t be conquered by human will alone. And so, when life gets chaotic, I’ve found that it’s good to have something that steadies you—a moment and place in time where you can find peace in.

As November is a time of Thanksgiving, I hope you and your family find time to be together, to be healthy in nature and to believe that we will make this change together. Thank you for your continued support throughout this year and I look forward to the future with you:

Healthy, Smarter and with a greater appreciation and love for others.

Happy Thanksgiving!

All month long: Eatonville Healthy and Strong!


Krestin Bahr, Superintendent


Middle school and high school farmers from the Growing Relationships in the Soil (GRITS) program harvested and delivered pumpkins to all preschool and kindergarten classes within the district. A short video was created to share their experience.

GRITS Traveling Pumpkin Patch

Board of Distinction

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Congratulations to our Board Directors!

We are pleased to announce that the Eatonville School Board has been selected as a 2020 Washington State School Directors' Association (WSSDA) Board of Distinction!

The Eatonville School District School Board presented exemplary evidence of ongoing professional development, addressing opportunity gaps and practicing governance that reflects the Washington School Board Standards into practice during the 2019-20 school year. The panel of judges, which included Educational Service Districts and State Board of Education, agreed that our board met the standards to be recognized as a WSSDA Board of Distinction.

There will be an awards ceremony at the Annual Conference celebrating the Boards of Distinction. The event will differ slightly from previous years since the conference is virtual. The virtual Awards Ceremony on Thursday, November 19th from 12:15-1:00 p.m. will honor our Board along with the other Boards of Distinction. The three 2020 Boards of the Year will also be announced at that time.

We are so thankful for the ongoing advocacy and dedication all of our Board members contribute to our schools.

High School Athletics

Athletics Return to EHS

After several months of empty fields, courts and locker rooms, athletics returned to Eatonville High School on Monday, October 26th, 2020. For most of the student-athletes and coaches, Monday marked the first time standing side-by-side for nearly three months. At Eatonville High School, there was a feel in the air of how ecstatic players, coaches and the athletic director were just to be back.

No matter how different it looked on Monday, the feeling of playing sports made up for all of the Covid protocol changes. Athletes arrived energized and smiling.

The Governor’s Office and Washington State Department of Health issued new guidance for returning to education-based sports and activities. The guidelines vary based on the sport. Sports are leveled in risk categories. WIAA (Washington Interscholastic Activities Association) extended the traditional summer recreational practices through December 19th, 2020. For the first time since July, organized high school athletic activities took place on Monday around the district.

A record number of 205 student athletes are participating in one or more sports. The practices consist of a rotating schedule which includes two practices days per week for each sport. Fall sports, winter sports and spring sports each have their own two practice days that switch bi-weekly. The practices occur Mondays through Saturdays. Three sport athletes have the flexibility to participate in three sports without having to choose.

During the practice sessions there are no competitions between districts during this eight week practice period. Most sports with large turnout numbers are splitting the athletes into two groups with a buffer of thirty minutes in-between groups to help minimize exposure. Additional safety measures were put in place to ensure safety for all.

Every sport participates in a screening process and all athletes enter and leave wearing face coverings. Additional Covid protocol changes include social distancing signage in the locker rooms, sanitizer readily available, coaches remain masked throughout the practice, and coaches coach from a six foot distance.

For most sports student athletes are divided into pods of six.Each pod is separated by at least thirty feet. The student athletes are already playing with an awareness of keeping space in-between each other.

Some sports look quite different. Wrestling practices are divided into three sections. Wrestles rotate through leadership training, mat work without contact between wrestlers and reviewing videos of past practices. Coaches are getting creative in their practice session to limit risk factors.

Athletic Director, Gavin Kralik, stated he is “extremely proud of the coaches. All of the coaches grasp the role of the Coach has drastically changed. They understand athletics is instrumental in providing students an outlet that they need more so now than ever before to meet their social and emotional needs.”

At this time, Winter Sports are set to begin on December 28th, 2020.

WES Students at Frey Farms

Covid Testing in Eatonville

Free Covid Testing in Eatonville

Saturday, Nov. 7th, 10am-3pm

207 Carter Street East

Eatonville, WA

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K-5 Distance Learning

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Half Day for all Preschool - 12th Grade

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Veteran's Day

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Upcoming Non-School Days

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Mr. Hunter Conducting an Instrument Repair with a Student

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Meet our Cooks

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Grab & Go Meal Changes

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

Click this button to read the full Non-Discrimination statement.

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Testing Pilot Announcement

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Free & Reduced Meal Application

Originally “Free & Reduced” forms were due October, 15th, however, there has been an extension. Meal forms are now accepted throughout this school year.

We strongly encourage all parents/guardians to submit a Meal Application.

Please follow these steps to complete the form electronically:

1. Go to the district website

2. Scroll over the “Families” box at the top of the page. Click on "Skyward Family Access."

3. You should now see a login page. In the drop down menu towards the bottom, make sure you click on family/student access.

4. If you do not know your Login ID and Password, please check with the secretary at your child's school.

5. On the left blue bar in Family Access, click the section titled, "Required Data Collection 20-21 School Year."

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One Minute Survey

Everyone is encouraged to take a one minute state broadband survey which measures overall internet performance from your home.

The information provided will help prove the need that we all know is evident in our area. With that "need" illustrated it will allow the state of Washington to partner with the local internet service providers to open up, and provide funding to build a faster, more connected Internet community for our families and children.

This will give our children the access that has so far not been available to all of them. In addition, it would provide a standard of living increase for everyone and create a stronger, more robust community that is ready to take on the next 100 years.

You may take this brief survey using this link.

💉👩‍⚕️Free Drive-Thru Flu Vaccine💉👩‍⚕️

Thursday, Nov. 5th, 2:30-5:30pm

302 Mashell Avenue North

Eatonville, WA

Free Drive-Thru Flu Vaccine

Flu shots for the whole family without leaving your car.

Mark your calendar:

Eatonville's date is Thursday, November 5th from 2:30-5:30pm at Eatonville High School.

Free Flu Vaccine

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Conferences & Report Cards

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Revised District Calendar

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Decision Tree Guidance for Reopening (updated 10/16)

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