Adam Rowson's Flyer, May 1, 1999

I'm pissed off for greatness.

Introduction of my life

I was born in Columbia, SC on May 1, 1999 at Palmetto Baptist Hospital. I spent the first 5 years of my life living in Columbia, my family then moved to Elgin. After my parents' divorce, my mom, younger brother and I continue to live in Elgin. My dad lives in Columbia with his wife. My my oldest brother is a sophomore at the Citadel. I had the honor of being a student in the Kershaw County schools Gifted and Talented Program, "Seagul" from 2nd to 8th grade and enjoyed all of the years I was in it. In the past two years I had the opportunity to got to several countries in Europe and Australia through the organization, People to People, but unfortunately I could not participate. I have participated in 3 sports in my whole life. I think I have done well in all of them. I joined a teen bowling league for a couple years then moved on to playing football when I was in 7th grade, but barely made the team. My first two years of high school experience were pretty good. I played on the Varsity football team my freshman and sophomore year and ran track for my first time. I would have to say that the persons who influence me the most are my mom and oldest brother, because of what they both shared with me.

Being talented

I am a talented person, not only do I play football, but I also can play the piano and play the saxophone. I have been playing musical instruments since I was 4 years old and I have carried with me ever since.


My hobbies are training for football and playing the piano.

Activities after school

My after school activities consist of doing rehab on my knee, working out, eating, homework, sleeping, and eating.

Training for football

Since I tore my PCL my training for football has been limited. I have to do rehab everyday and I still can not be cleared till February. But other than rehabbing I still train and work on my upper body in the gym to maintain being in shape for football.


My birthday 05/01/1999

I was born at Baptist Hospital in Columbia SC. My parents are Terry and Joseph Rowson.

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The world trade centers got attacked 09/11/2001

I was only two years old when it happen, but it had a great impact in American history and started a long 10 year war.

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Looking death in the face 02/12/2004

It was nap time and I was laying on our mats. I started messing around with my book bag when I was suppose to be sleep and some how the drawstring on my book bag got around my neck and started choking me. I couldn’t breathe enough to yell out to get people’s attention, but I am lucky to have had someone see me and cut the string from around my neck.

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My little brother was born 07/26/2004

Even though my little brother is one of the most aggravating people I know at sometimes, I still love him and seeing my little brother for the first time was one of the best moments in my life.

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Barack Obama was elected 01/20/2009

Barack Obama was the first African American president of the United States of American and was reelected November 6 2012.

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My parents separated 03/24/2009

This was one of the hardest times of my life but after a few years I realized that it was what was best.

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End of the war in Iraq 2011

The end of the war was a great day. Troops finally got to come home and see there family's again.
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I came to Lugoff-Elgin High 08/19/2013

Coming to high school made me kind of nerves but after a few days it was okay. And I enjoy being in high school now for the freedom
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Making the Varsity football team 09/24/2013

Making the varsity football team my first year in high school was a big thing for me because not to many 9th graders made it.
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Making my first honors class ever

I felt that being able to be in a honors class tells a lot about a person and that is why I am glad to be in one.
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About my mom's life

Mom was born 11/25/1967

My mom was born in North Carolina November 25, 1967
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Chicken Pox 10/31/1973

My mom got the Chicken Pox on Halloween.

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My mom got saved

My mother got saved in her home church in North Carolina

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Graduated from college mothers day weekend 1990

Graduated from Fayetteville State University with a B.A. degree in Political Science/Public Administration.

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May 1st 1999

She said that was the most life changing experiment of her life because I was her first child.

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July 26, 2004

My little brother’s birthday. My mom says it was her second most changing life experience.

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March 30, 1981

The attempted assassination of United States President Ronald Reagan
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January 28, 1986

The Challenger exploded
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The Gulf War
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Obama got elected
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She felt her second earthquake sitting at home
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2020 and beyond

In 2020 I plan to be playing football at a division 1 school while getting my degree in sports medicine. After play football in college my dream is to make it to the NFL, but if that doesn't I plan to open up my own gym and be a personal trainer for people.