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October 25 , 2021

Hello Binkley Families,

We have had such a wonderful October. Our friends from Common Ground Society came for our first in person assembly, and they taught us about inclusion and acceptance during four separate assemblies to keep us safe. AMAZING! Boosters created their first costume exchange with success, and leftover costumes were collected for creative play for our TK class. We had vaccinated guest speakers, and our first round of outdoor field trips. And this last week, Boosters Trunk or Treat (see pictures below) where we could feel the fall season and the joy the event brought to so many with the high turn out. Lastly, we had our first safety drill, and I was beyond impressed at our students attentiveness and respect of the process. WOW! Looking forward to the week ahead with Bobcat of the Month and our Halloween Parade.


We will have our Halloween Parade at 9:00. Unfortunately, we will not be able to invite families on to site to view the parade, but I do intend to have a Zoom link invite open for those who would like to watch (link to be sent later).

OCTOBER 29th- Shortened Day

Approved at the last Board Meeting, October 29th will now be a shortened day, with TK-6 dismissed at 1:57


With the nationwide staff shortage, we are not immune. We are looking for volunteer help for before/after school, and during recess. You may be the perfect fit! Check out this form to see if you can help us. BINKLEY OUTSIDE VOLUNTEER FORM


Mr. Joe, Mrs. Anderson & myself would ask that you not park in the assigned spaces that are marked for us. We understand it is tempting, and it looks as if we are not at school, but this is not the case. We need to leave campus for school business or for lunch/dinner, and want to be able to quickly return to work for the jobs we do, and yes, we work after school. They are marked for that ease - please don't park in assigned spots, even after hours. Thank you for understanding.


It is so important to know the progress of your child this time of year. Meet with your child's teacher for the conference. With Zoom, meetings can be done from your home or work. Please sign up so our teachers can plan. Report cards go out with your conference!



Harmony Harvell, Principal

Binkley Halloween Costume Guidelines

Please discuss the following rules for Halloween Costumes with your child. We want this to be an enjoyable day for everyone.

1. If students choose to participate, they should arrive at school in full costume. If a student chooses an inflatable, it can only be inflated for the parade.

2. Students may not change into costumes before the parade. Students should wear clothes under their costumes if they want to change after the parade.

3. Students may wear facial make-up. FOR SAFETY REASONS, NO COSTUME MASKS MAY BE WORN EXCEPT DURING THE PARADE. (Covid protective masks need to be worn.)

4. Make-up and hair spray needs to be applied before coming to school, not during school hours. No simulated blood or depiction of violence will be permitted.

5. Costumes must adhere to our clothing guidelines regarding modesty. Students must be appropriately covered.

6. Costumes may not have parts that interfere with learning. This means no masks or costumes that restrict movement or vision, prevent sitting at desks, or prevent participation in physical education class. (During the parade the above is allowed).

7. Students will leave masks, inflatables, and props in the classroom during recess and lunch.

8. Costumes may not include any type of dangerous props. Bringing anything to school that replicates a gun, knife, or weapon will be taken from the student and an adult can collect it at the end of the day.


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Thank you for coming to Boosters TRUNK or TREAT event. Such fun!!

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