Deforestation In Africa

Deforestation in Congo

Deforestation is when trees are cut down excessivly. This can be caused by the need for firewood, or building materials. Deforestation increased rapidly after WWII. Also, forests are rarely replanted after deforestation. Slash and burn agriculture, which is used in many African countries, is one main cause. Congo has all of these problems.

What Can We Do?

Donate or Volunteer Now!


- Donating money would help send some of our volunteers, or even you, to Congo to help with relief efforts. This could also buy materials to help make sure that the trees are not cut down as excessively.


- Most volunteers are stationed in the US managing our program. However, the more devoted volunteers have a choice to come on a annual trip to Congo with us. We will educate the children and the adults about the problems with deforestation. Also, we will teach them simple ways to help preserve the trees.

The Congo Deforestation Project

Please help us save this beautiful country from deforestation!