Mercury (Not the planet)


Learning about Mercury (Description)

The name Mercury comes from the planet Mercury in space. Hydrargyrum comes from the greek word hydrargyros meaning water and silver, which is why the symbol is Hg on the periodic table. It is also known as liquid silver and quicksilver.

Where is it found?

Mercury is found in an ore called cinnabar. Cinnabar ore is found in mineral extraction locations or in other words, mines.

Known Accomlices

  • Mercuric Chloride
  • Mercurous Chloride
  • Sulfide

Planetary Model Sketch

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What is it used in?

Mercury has many uses.

  • Thermometers
  • Barometers
  • Fluorescent lams
  • Mercury vapor is used in street lights

Special Characteristics

  • 121 neutrons
  • 80 protons/ electrons
  • Crystal Structure: Rhombohedral

About Mercury

Atomic number: 80

Atomic mass: 200.59 amu

Melting point: -38.87 C | 234.28 K

Boiling point: 356.58 C | 629.73 K