Adidas Marketing Segmentation

By Anhthi, Kaede, and Yexi


Amelia is a 17 year old girl who works part time at a Forever 21 because she is still in high school. She makes a moderate income. Living in a suburban town, Amelia enjoys nature and believes that fitness and exercise are imperative to a healthy lifestyle. Often, she takes long jogs outdoors and requires running shoes. However, she's also interested in the latest trends and styles. Amelia wants a comfortable running shoe that is also fashionable.
We chose this style of shoe because Amelia enjoys running. Her love for running inspired us to design a shoe that is fit for running. Since Amelia wants to keep up with the latest trends and styles, the shoe is mint and coral, some of the most popular colors. This shoe is only $60 dollars because students like Amelia who only work part time and might not be able to afford expensive shoes. Customers can chose to visit an Adidas store to try on and buy this shoe or order it online from the comforts of home.
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