Spindletop Webquest

The Impact of Oil in Texas


Students will learn about the discovery of oil in Texas and it's impact on the economy of the state and the nation. They will identify key individuals in the discovery of oil

TEKS Alignment:

Social Studies TEKS:

(7.13 C) analyze the impact of significant industries in Texas such as oil and gas, aerospace, medical, and computer technologies on local, national, and international markets.

(7.21 A) differentiate between, locate, and use primary and secondary sources such as computer software, databases, media and news services, biographies, interviews, and artifacts to acquire information about Texas.

(7.21B) analyze information by sequencing, categorizing, identifying cause-and-effect relationships, comparing, contrasting, finding the main idea, summarizing, making generalizations and predictions, and drawing inferences and conclusions.

(7.21C) organize and interpret information from outlines, reports, databases, and visuals including graphs, charts, timelines, and maps.

(7.21D) identify points of view from the historical context surrounding an event and the frame of reference that influenced the participants.

(7.21E) support a point of view on a social studies issue or event.

(7.22A) use social studies terminology correctly;

(7.22B) use standard grammar, spelling, sentence structure, punctuation, and proper citation of sources;

(7.22C) transfer information from one medium to another, including written to visual and statistical to written or visual, using computer software as appropriate;

(7.22D) create written, oral and visual presentations of social studies information.

In today's project....

You will be researching oil, Spindletop and it's importance to the economy of Texas. You will create a product showing what you have learned about the oil industry and the discovery of oil at Spindletop.

You will submit your final product along with a bibliography to a Google form.

You will need to answer the following questions in your final product:

How was oil discovered?

How does oil form?

What were the early uses of oil?

How did Spindletop get its name?

Who was Patillo Higgins?

Who was Anthony F. Lucas?

Who were the Hamilton brothers?

Who were the roughnecks, drifters and roustabouts?

What is a wildcatter?

What was it like on the day of the boom?

How much oil did Spindletop produce?

How did the discovery of this oil field change Texas?

How do you drill an oil well?

How is oil refined?

What were the effects of the oil boom on Beaumont? On the Automobile industry? On the petroleum industry?


This is the Texas Handbook Online article that you were given on Monday. This article contains almost all of the information you will need for this project. https://www.tshaonline.org/handbook/online/articles/dos03

These are links to a Texas History Thinkquest over Oil. You can also find specific information on this site to answer your questions.





Your product:

Create one of the following showing the information you have gathered over Spindletop and the oil industry and its impact on Texas. You may use one of the following web apps to create your final product. You will need to have pictures with information. You will also need to create a bibliography (works cited) page to show where you got all of your information.

Create a prezi www.prezi.com or

Create a S'more www.smore.com or

Create a Thinglink www.thinglink.com or

Create a Padlet www.padlet.com

Showing the information you have gathered about Spindletop and the oil industry.

Here is a link to help you create your bibliography: http://www.easybib.com/

How to Turn in Your Project

You will use the link below to turn in your project to me. You will also answer the discussion question.