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Friday 12 May 2023

On this Mother’s Day, we pray for blessings on all women
who have loved and nurtured us throughout our lives.
We give thanks for the mothers who have guided and protected us,
who have taught and encouraged us.

We give thanks for mothers who have passed away, birth mothers, adoptive mothers,
foster mothers, grandmothers, aunties, sisters,
and for all women who take on a motherly role.

We ask your blessing, dear Lord, upon mothers who have lost children,
that they may have your continuing strength and courage.
We ask your blessing too, upon those who would like to be mothers.
Pour your blessings upon all women here today.
Give them the strength to live the faithful and loving lives you call them to live.
Protect and guide them. Keep them in your care.
Our Lady, a role model for all women, pray for us.

Message from the Principal

P&F EVENTS – MOTHER’S DAY STALL & SCHOOL DISCO - Thank you to our P&F for organising two special events this week. Our students were very excited to have the opportunity to go shopping for a gift for their Mum for Mother’s Day. Children from Pre Kindy to Year 6 loved being able to select the perfect gift for their Mum from the wide range of items available.

Our Year 1-6 students are thrilled to be attending the Disco this evening. Our Pre Kindy, Kindy and Pre Primary children had so much fun during their daytime disco. Everyone was full of energy, with some awesome dance moves on display!

Thank you to all our parent volunteers for supporting these events to ensure they ran smoothly and successfully.

INTERSCHOOL SWIMMING CARNIVAL - On Friday 5 May, selected Year 4 – 6 students participated in the Interschool Swimming Carnival at HBF Stadium. Our students represented St Peter’s with pride, competing to the best of their abilities, displaying excellent sportsmanship, and encouraging their team throughout the day. The Interschool swimming results are below:

Overall, St Peter’s placed 5th. The Boys came in at 5th Place and the Girls came in at 6th Place.

Congratulations to everyone who participated at the Interschool Carnival! Thank you to the
St Peter’s staff – Alison Perrin, Steve Spencer, Conor Hunter and Bianca Flamini,
Jackson Lamb and Kirstie O’Mara who supported the students with their early morning training and also on the carnival day.

DANCE TROUPE - It has been wonderful to witness the commencement of the St Peter’s Dance Troupe rehearsals in our undercover area. All students from Years 4 to 6 were invited to participate in the Dance Troupe for the annual Catholic Performing Arts Festival. Thank you to Miss Abreu, Mrs Zagar, Miss Tonus, Miss Piccirilli and Miss Tavani for their enthusiasm and dedication to this performance. Also, thank you to our students and families for making the commitment to attend every after school rehearsal. It is a big commitment, and we appreciate your support!

PARKING - Please remember that there is NO parent parking in the Staff Car Parks on Wood Street or Salisbury Street. The two visitor bays in our staff car park on Wood Street need to remain available for external visitors coming to our school.

We are continuing to have issues with cars being parked in our Drop Off and Pick Up Zone on Salisbury Street. Please check the signage before parking:

Salisbury Street Drop Off and Pick Up – 7:45-8:35am and 2:45-3:30pm (NO PARKING).

CANTEEN SURVEY - Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete the Canteen survey. I will meet with Olyvia Browne and Nicole Murray-Pinel in the coming weeks to review your feedback. I look forward to sharing the outcome with the community soon.

UNIFORM UPDATE - As mentioned at the beginning of this year, we are excited to be updating our St Peter’s Primary School white polo shirts to maroon. During this process, we will also be updating our school logo. Last term, the sub-committee met to confirm the new school logo. I am pleased to announce that the logo presented during 2022 to the School Advisory Committee, the P&F and the St Peter’s staff has been approved by the sub-committee. A sample has now been created on the maroon top, as well as the faction tops, and this is to be shared at the next School Advisory Council meeting for their approval.

YEAR 2 ASSEMBLY - Congratulations to our Year 2 students and teachers for an entertaining and thoughtful assembly this morning, dedicated to the amazing Mums at St Peter’s. It was great to hear the news report that the St Peter’s Mums are the best Mums in the world! Thank you to the Year 2 team for the time and effort that went into preparing the assembly, highlighting all the special things we love about our Mums.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing Mums and mother figures in our community! Wishing you all a wonderful day and thank you for everything you do!

Courtney Caputi


Assistant Principal RE News

LIFELINK - LifeLink day is both an educational and fundraising initiative that St Peter’s will be supporting this term. Through LifeLink Day, young people attending Catholic schools in this Archdiocese are encouraged to learn more about the very real ‘need’ which exits in the community, and how our Church agencies, through LifeLink, respond to this need. Later this term, some Year Six students from the Spiritual Ministry will be attending the launch of LifeLink day at Newman College, supported by Mrs Caputi and Mr Nettleton.

WHAT’S HAPPENING IN…PPB? - This week I had the opportunity to go into PPB and observe the student learning about God's family. It was wonderful to see the students make connections to things Mary, Joseph and Jesus did as a family with their own family. This included showing love, sharing a meal together, praying and celebrating birthdays. After an initial discussion on the mat where Miss Corble-Robson modelled the characters using the block people, the students went and made their own pop-stick puppets of Mary, Joseph and Jesus and used them to re-enact things families can do together. They then joined back together as a group to share and reflect. A highly engaging hands-on lesson that enabled the students to share their own experiences of what they love to do with their family, just as Jesus did.

A big thank you to Miss Corble-Robson and the PPB students for the opportunity to come and join your class. It was fantastic!!

Merit Certificates Week 2 - 5/05/23

PPB Frankie Maher / Maxon Saini

PPM Callum Robb / Elise Collins

PPW Jagger Martinet / Tommy Clavey

1B Avie Maher / Emilio Angarita

1M Michael Williams / Inayah deMello

1W Amy Akhurst / Rocky Franchina

2B Mackenzie Robertson / Aston Hughes

2M Claudine Yap / Henry Eastman

2W Ziyah Siriwardena / Issy Mainstone

3B Ryland Hong / Amelie Bright

3M Aaliyah Aye / Thea Hoang

3W Navindaran Rolin / Ruby Clementson

4B Samuel Le / Alex Consen

4M Olivia Catania

4W Lewis Blanchard / Kit Perlini

5B Dominic Dang / Beatrix O'Hare-Stiller

5M Ryan White / Arie Barbaro

5W Alice Pagano / Rhys Williams

6B Olive Martin / Alessia Italiano

6M Mack Fiumano / Jayda Verona

6W Tom Le / Thomas Flower

Person of the Week - 5/05/23

Reid Harrison - PPB - To be a Junior Person of the Week, one must be kind, caring and generous. Someone who acts selflessly and continues to model our school values of, Trust, Respect, Unity and Excellence. Reid, without a doubt, we can say you are truly deserving of being this week’s Junior Person of the Week.

Every morning, you enter the classroom with a huge smile on your face as you make a concerted effort to greet your teachers. You have blossomed into a diligent learner. You take your time completing tasks ensuring you continuously work to the best of your ability. You enthusiastically embrace new learning experiences and relish in challenges.

Your empathetic and thoughtful qualities make you an outstanding student and to those in need you never fail to raise your hand to assist both your teachers and your peers.
In Pre Primary Blue, we know that it is you, Reid, we can trust and count on.

Congratulations Reid on being St Peter’s Junior Person of the Week!

AIRLIE BEACON - THREE BLUE - Airlie, it is a pleasure to name you as Senior Person of the Week. When it came to
deciding who this award was going to, there was no doubt it should be you. You light up our classroom. You are kind, nurturing and always display a positive attitude. The name ‘Airlie’ means many things; peaceful, loving, compassionate and heavenly. All of which define you. You show all our TRUE values and are a role model to others every day.
Walt Disney once said, "All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them."
You demonstrate resilience, enthusiasm and are driven to achieve your best. Continue to prove nothing is impossible and you can achieve anything as long as you don't give up.
You have a heart of gold and it’s been a pleasure seeing how much you have already
flourished. We are so proud of you and are lucky to have you as part of our 3B family.
Congratulations and continue to shine. Well done on being named St Peter’s Senior
Person of the Week!

Seasons of Growth

Seasons of Growth Small Groups for Students Expressions of Interest

We are currently seeking expressions of interests from parents/guardians of students from Years 1 - 6 who think their child may benefit from partaking in our Seasons for Growth Program running in Terms 3 and 4 this year.
Change and loss are issues that affect all of us at some stage in our lives.
Here at St Peter’s Primary School, we recognise that when changes occur in families through death, separation, divorce or significant change or loss, young people may benefit from learning how to manage these changes effectively. Therefore, we offer a very successful education program called, ‘Seasons for Growth’ to students in Years 1 - 6.
The Seasons for Growth program is evidence- based and relies on research, strategies, and techniques consistent with high quality, psychosocial education and aims to strengthen the social and emotional wellbeing of children.

Small groups of 4-8 children work with a trained adult companion (facilitator) who supports the children in learning new ways to share, think about and respond to the changes and losses in their lives. The program will be run by Mrs Julia O’Meara (GATE teacher and trained Seasons of Growth Facilitator), who will be supported by School Psychologist, Mrs Tarryn Scher. As part of the program children learn that they are not alone in dealing with the effects of change, loss and grief. They build their understanding and communication,
decision-making and problem-solving skills as part of a supportive peer group.

Seasons for Growth takes place over a structured 8-week period filled with peer-to-peer learning opportunities – with time to talk and listen as well as take part in activities including drawing, music, art, journaling, role plays and storytelling. Sessions explore age-appropriate concepts, for example “change is part of life” and “caring for my feelings.” The story of the seasons is used to explain the cycles of life and provides a valuable metaphor for children to explore and understand their own story.

We will run a first group in Term 3 and a second group in Term 4. The program will run during school time and is free of charge.

If you think your child may benefit from the program, please complete the expression of interest form via the below link by latest Friday 2nd June 2023.

Please note that expressing interest does not guarantee your child a spot in the program. Students will be chosen based on highest level of need and their age. You will be notified later this term if your child has been selected to partake in either the Term 3 or Term 4 program.

Please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher if you have any further questions about the program.

Kind regards,

Tarryn Scher (School Psychologist)
Julia O’Meara (GATE teacher and Seasons of Growth Facilitator)


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