Coup in Iran-Shah Installed

Cold War - 1953

Mohammad Mossadegh

16 June 1882 – 5 March 1967

Mossadegh was the Prime Minister of Iran for 1951-1953. He introduced a lot of reforms. Some of them were, unemployment compensation, factory owners must pay sick or injured workers, and peasants were free from landlords. What caused trouble was when he nationalized the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company, canceled its oil concession, and expropriated its assets. Meaning, he gave the government all the money the Oil Company was earning, because he did not like the arrangement with Britain. In 1952, he resigned because of the the Shah vetoed his idea of him electing a Minister of War, and a Chief of Staff. Later he gained emergency powers and strengthened democratic political institution, by limiting the Shah's powers. He pressed Parliament, to give him another 12 months of emergency powers, in this 12 months he introduced land reforms. What he did with the oil company made the British mad, thus causing the British boycott, which also made the Iranian people mad.

The Coup Begins

Saturday, Aug. 15th 1953 at 12pm


The Coup begins, but it comes to a stop and fails. Since Mossadegh had been warned of there arrival and had already fled.

Mossadegh is Overthrown!!!

Wednesday, Aug. 19th 1953 at 12am


1953, Mossadegh is overthrown by the British MI6 and the American CIA. He was overthrown because of his decision of writing a law that nationalized Iranian oil production when he became Prime Minister in 1951. This gave all the benefits to the government and left nothing for the people.

How Did The MI-6 And The CIA Do It?

The MI-6 and CIA paid protesters who were seen as Tudeh (Iran’s communist party) supporters. This way the military, supplied with guns, trucks and cars from the US military, would have a reason to come in and "defend" Iran from the communists. However, as soon as the got into Iran they overthrew the government and it's leader, Mossadegh.

How is this Connect to the Cold War?

Britain knew that they would not be able to overthrow the Iranian Prime Minister. At first they asked President Truman, but he said no because he was in the Korean War. However when Dwight D Eisenhower came into power Britain persuaded him into helping. They persuaded him by saying that the Iranian Nationalism was backed by the Soviets; because of the Cold War Eisenhower agreed to help overthrow the Prime Minister


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