How to play futbol


When you hear of futbol (Foot-ball) you’ll think of kicking a ball. You might even think it’s easy. Well let me tell you something! It’s much easier said than done. It takes trust and even training to get good at soccer. People who you should watch are Thierry Henry, Lionel Messi, and Cristiano Ronaldo, they have some great skill, and here is a link of Thierry Henry and his skills with Arsenal.
Thierry Henry ● Best Skills & Goals ● Arsenal ||HD||

Learning the game


Like I said futbol needs lots of training. Like Thierry, Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. They are sweating so much at practice and at their training. What you need is technique though. Like if your technique is to do moves around people than pass go for it. Even if your technique is just using that right moment to get that through ball and score, than go for it.

The basics

After you find your technique you’ll need to start learning the fundamentals. You’ll need to learn passing and dribbling and shooting etc. Once you're done you need to add that to your technique. Then practice that over and over again. You should probably practice with a parent.

The real deal

Now you are ready for the first game. You are the most confident and the most excited. You flash a smile at your parents. Then the whistle blows. You don’t know anyone but you use your technique. Bam! Goal!!!!!!!!!! Your technique worked. Even if it didn't work you can try something new.

Finding new technique (This is optional)

Like I said, you can try a new technique. If you need to change it do everything over. Yes, even the fundamentals. Then decide what you did wrong. If you can fix it then you don’t need a new technique. If you can’t then you get a new technique. Try them with your coach tell him what happened. He’ll/she’ll understand. Ask him/her to help. You’ll be back in the game in no time.


Overall you should have it down and you should have lots of parents and children cheering for you. You’ll surprise everyone with those skills of yours. Now have fun. If you have any more questions just ask me when you have free time like at recess.


Futbol: Soccer in every country besides the U.S.

Technique: the way you choose to play futbol

Fundamentals: the basics of futbol


Futbol: pg. 1&3

Technique: pg. 1, 2, &3

Fundamentals: pg. 2

Authors note

Authors note:

This all from me, a nimble soccer player. I get complements from my futbol coach and school coach. If you like the game and are just starting or need to review the game read this long piece over and over. I hope you enjoyed all the facts and as always have fun with the game every chance you get.