A Christmas Carol

By Charles Dickens

A christmas Carol play

To begin with you should go to the Christmas Carol play by Charles dickens because it is terrific. Also the actors make it seem as if the characters jumped right out of the book stitch workers and special-effects made it look real which made it even better. There were also a new character Maryweather to make it more surprising and entertaining and there is a bunch of singing and dancing. Next you feel as if it happens in real life because the props look ask real and realistic. Also it's funny so it is ligtharted and more enjoyable. It,looks like it happened in the actual Victorian era so it looks classic and old. The parts where Marley and the gost of Christmas yet to come seems so real when they appear which is astounding. Lastly even before you watch the play you can tell its gonna be good because it looks so real. That's why I think you should go to a Christmas carol

A time I had to sacrifice

I had to sacrifice going to Ireland to go to California because my cousin fell off a tree and had a level 3 concussion. She fell on a pick it bench and we went to California to help them instead of going to Ireland to go visit my other cousins. That's one time I had to sacrifice something.