Spanish at SMG

Mrs. Chronister, Spanish Teacher

8B Spanish

We are working on Unidad 3-3. This unit introduces direct object pronouns, present progressive, tener expressions, and weather expressions. The students are working on a "Telestory" newscast to finish up the unit.

8th Grade

I have enjoyed 8th grade students this year. It is always an exciting, but wistful time as I think about their time at SMG coming to a close. I will miss them, but I pray for their success as they move on to high school. It has been a blessing to be their teacher for their 9 years here at SMG.

7A Spanish

We are finishing up Unidad 2-2. This is one of the biggest chapters in our book. We have learned how to tell time in Spanish, the verb "ir-to go", the verb "estar-to be", interrogative words, and how to form a question. Students are working on a "Sock Puppet" dialogue in Spanish using question words.

Unidad 2-2 Vocabulary

6A Spanish

We are finishing Unidad 1-3. In this unit students have learned how to conjugate the verb "tener-to have." We have also learned about possessive adjectives, and how to show possession with "de". Spanish does not use an 's to show possession. This unit also introduces how to tell the date in Spanish.

La fecha - The Date

Our unit also introduced how to say the date in Spanish. We enjoy the "Tio Spanish" videos on YouTube. There are a series of cute videos that teach months, grammar, and vocabulary.
Months in spanish, learn vocabulary

Elementary Spanish

We are working on the farm unit. This is a popular video from YouTube that the students love. It teaches the sounds animals make in Spanish. The ending is a little crazy.
PULCINO PIO - El Pollito Pio (Official video)