Poe's Biographical Critique

Merceydeis Falk-Huzar


Connection 1

- Eleonora is the name of the cousin hat the narrator is in love with.

  • Poe fell in love with his cousin, Virginia
  • There was a 14 year age difference
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Connection 2

- Eleonora dies

  • Virginia dies as well after five great years of marriage

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Connection 3

- The narrator deals with sadness and depression throughout his life

  • While it was never known if Poe struggled with depression
  • However, he struggled with much sadness throughout his life
  • His life was very dark
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Connection 4

- Before Eleonora's death, she told the narrator her fear of him leaving and loving another after she had passed. He promised that he would never love anyone again.

  • Poe never loved another woman after Virginia's death

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Connection 5

- The narrator had found himself in an unfamiliar place in the story

  • Poe had gotten drunk one night, rode a train too far and ended up in a place he had never been
  • He was found unconscious on the ground and was taken to the hospital

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