Help The Wolves

These Animals Are Almost Extinct

What's Happening To Them?

Ever since the caribou population has gone down, humans have been killing wolves because they have believe that wolves are the cause. Even though wolves only kill the weak caribou, and humans kill the strong caribou and humans kill for fun. The population in the 2008-2009 of wolves was near 900.

Why Do People Kill Wolves?

This Is Where You Come In

You could tell other people about this situation and tell them to spread the word as well. You could also tell them to come view this article. The main people that should know this are the hunters, and animal protectors.

When Will A Wolf Attack?

Wolves will avoid humans whenever it is possible. You should never look a wolf in the eye or it will chase you then kill you. Wolves will attack if they are feeling threatened or if they are sick or injured.