Plastic Pollution

Ana Gutierrez

What is plastic pollution?

Plastic pollution is when something plastic like a water bootle is not recycled and it ends up in the earth's oceans. This is a very serious problem because plastic is a object that will never disappear or leave this earth.
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What is the adversity that humans might face?

The adversity is that plastic cannot go away, it stays here forever. When it stays here forever, that means that the plastic comes back to you at some point. And it could really harm you, your environment, and marine life. The way the cycle starts is by someone not Recycling their plastic garbage, that plastic garbage some how is dumped into the ocean and starts decomposing. When the plastic breaks down into tiny pieces in the ocean, an animal could accidentally swallow it which could harm the animal. If a fish eats a tiny little bit of plastic , it might end up in our own stomachs!! Also, when plastic decomposes it releases a toxic chemical additives. These chemicals get absorbed into our body. Both causes might lead society to bad health.

What things will humans have to persevere through?

If the world keeps wasting plastic and not recycling, then we might have some things to persevere in the future. One thing will be not more tourists, if we don't recycle then all the garbage will end in the beaches and won't be so attractive to tourists. Another reason is marine animals could get really hurt with the plastic floating around in the ocean which could cause animals could start disappearing(extinct).
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who is affected by this?

Everyone! It especially affects our health

  • people like us
  • marine life
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How can we help?

The way that we can make our oceans cleaner is by not using lots of plastic objects, Instead of using zip-loc bag, you could be using reusable containers for your snacks. It is very important to pick up your trash and be very responsible of taking care of the Earth.