The Freshman Scene with Team 2019

January 2016

2nd Semester Updates

Time flies when you're having fun! It is hard to believe we are already two weeks into the 2nd semester. It has been great to see the progress our Team 2019 students have made since the end of July. As a team, we are proud of their accomplishments in the classroom and beyond. In particular I am especially proud of their 97.24% attendance rate! Attendance, as you know, is extremely important in education. If as a team we can continue to show up and work hard everyday I am excited to see the results we will produce over the next three and half years.

As we head deeper into the second semester continue to challenge your students to work hard in all of their classes, and know that we are here to answer your questions or help in any way that we can. It has been a pleasure to meet with students and families throughout the first semester and we look forward to meeting the rest of you over the course of the next 18 weeks. At the bottom of this newsletter you will find our contact information, so please don't hesitate to contact us at any time!


Mr. Adam Poliskie
Assistant Principal, Team 2019

Scheduling Timeline and Important Information for 2016-2017

We hope your students have had a great start to the new semester! We are getting ready to start our scheduling process for next school year, and we know that some of you are anxious about determining classes for your students for next year. The 2016-2017 program of studies guide is now available on the high school webpage for your review.(

Our timeline for scheduling is as follows:

  • January 19th: AP/Dual Credit Open House
  • January 21st-22nd: Scheduling presentation shown in classrooms. Worksheets distributed. (These worksheets will also be available on the Team 2019 webpage after distribution)
  • January 25 – February 1: Open online enrollment for current grades 9-11. (More information will be sent soon about how your student requests their classes).
  • February 2nd: Counselors begin meeting with students to review schedule requests. Please make sure your child is prepared and brings any questions or concerns with them to their meeting. We will be meeting with students during their English classes. During this time, Ms. Burke and Mrs. Frazer will not be in the Team office.

This will be a very busy time, but we would be happy to set up individual parent meetings if needed once we are finished meeting with each student. Students will have until May 1st to make any changes to their schedule requests. If you have any questions please feel free to call the team office at any time!

Reminders about School Rules and Expectations

Lanyard Reminder:

Our practice of wearing a lanyard and ID at all times is an expectation and considered part of our appearance guidelines. Lanyards and ID’s are required to enter each class- every period -- and should remain on at all times throughout the day. Replacement lanyards and ID’s may be purchased in the Team office. Lanyards: $2 ID: $3

Late or Absent Students Reminder:

Please remember that if you student is absent or late to school for any reason you need to contact the team office at your earliest convenience to make sure that we properly mark attendance for the day. Students who show up late to school or are absent that we don’t receive a call or email about will be considered Truant and be assigned consequences for their truancy.