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April 13-17


*Please remind your student to check their email! Students will be picking electives for next year through an email from our counselor, Mr. Frint. If they do not know how to check their email, they need to let a teacher know.

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*NO SCHOOL-Monday, May 4th

Please see the PDF below for explanation of your child's schedule. Your student's CAT Time has made a schedule for your child and sending it their email. Be sure your child is checking emails and Schoology daily.

World Geography with Mr. Akagi

Next week in World Geography, we are going to start our new unit on Southwest Asia and North Africa. This region is also commonly referred to as The Middle East. We will spend two weeks studying this region. Next week specifically, we will be examining different types of maps from the region (like religious maps, ethnic group maps, climate maps, etc.) to get a sense of what life is like in different parts of the region. We will also watch a video that examines pictures from around the region from the 1900s, and see how the region has changed, and stayed the same, as told by people from that part of the region.

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