CRHS Student & Family Weekly Update

December 12-16, 2022

Colonel Richardson High School

Nikki VonDenBosch, Principal

Jared Sherman, Assistant Principal

Brad Oberdorf, Dean of Students

Cia North, School Counselor (grades 9 and 11)

Office Phone: 410-479-3678

Google Voice Phone: 301-327-0714 (can receive texts)

Jennifer Reed, School Counselor (grades 10 and 12)

Office Phone: 410-479-3678

Google Voice Phone: 302-272-5313 (can receive texts)

Cindy Saathoff BSN, RN, School Nurse

Office Phone 410-479-3612

Emily Phillips, Attendance Administrative Assistant


Stephanie Carmine, Enrollment/Guidance Administrative Assistant


Wendy DuVall, Finance and Administration Administrative Assistant


Week at a Glance

Monday 12/12

  • Spirit Day-Candy cane day/dress in red and white
  • 5-7 pm Choptank Electric Town Hall Meeting in Auditorium-Broad Band Network
  • Federalsburg Holiday Parade

Tuesday 12/13

  • Spirit Day-Tinsel Toes-wear your holiday socks
  • Art Club 3-4 pm
  • Boys Basketball at Queen Anne’s (1:30pm Dismissal)
  • Girls Basketball at Queen Anne’s (1:30pm Dismissal)

Wednesday 12/14

  • Spirit Day-Holiday Character Day
  • FCA at 7:20 AM in the Auditorium
  • Q2 Interim grades stored
  • Wrestling at Snow Hill (2:00pm Dismissal)- Tri-Meet with Snow Hill and Parkside

Thursday 12/15

  • Spirit Day-Silver and Gold
  • Interims created and emailed
  • Boys Basketball vs. St. Michaels (JV starts at 3:30pm, Varsity at 6:30pm)
  • Girls Basketball vs. St. Michaels (5:00pm Start)

Friday 12/16

  • Spirit Day-Flannel Day
  • CRHS Winter Concert
  • Boys Basketball vs. Arcadia (JV starts at 4pm, Varsity follows)
  • Girls Basketball at Arcadia (1:30pm Dismissal)
  • Wrestling at Parkside Tournament (11:45am Dismissal)- Wrestlers eat A Lunch

Saturday 12/17

  • Wrestling at Parkside Tournament (6:45am Departure)

PBIS Parent Committee Meeting

There is a PBIS Parent Committee meeting on 12/15 at 4:00 pm. Here's the Zoom Link:

Student Voice

Please email Mrs. Reed if you are interested in being part of Student Voice.
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State Testing

Upcoming assessments:

Test: Dates

MISA: 1/3/2023 - 1/6/2023 (make-ups the following week) (Science)

MCAP Math: 1/9/2023 - 1/12/2023 (make-ups 1/13 and following week) (Algebra)

HSA Government: 1/17/2023 -1/20/2023(make-ups the following week)

WIDA: 2/6/2023 -2/9/2023 (make-ups 2/10/2023, as needed) (ELL)

Graduation Spotlight Class of 2023

Week of December 12


Cap and Gown Orders:

Cap and gown ordering information has been given to seniors, emailed to families and shared via school social media. There are many Jostens products available: the cap and gown package (must purchase), announcements/thank you notes (optional), clothing (optional), class ring and other jewelry (optional).

There are three ways to place an order:

  1. online at

  2. mailing the order form and payment

  3. calling 1.800.JOSTENS

If you are ONLY ordering the cap and gown unit, you do not have to pay the $11.95 handling fee indicated on the order form. Cap and gown units can also be ordered without any money down.

If you are ordering other items with the cap and gown unit OR one of the packages, please include the handling fee when calculating the total cost. A deposit of at least $75 must be paid as well.

Cap and gown units and any stationery products will be delivered to the school. Clothing and jewelry will be delivered to your house.

Please try to place your orders before December 31. After that the cost of the cap and gown unit will increase.

If you have any questions or concerns about any of these activities, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs. France at

November TOUGH Students of the Month

November 2022

Nate Berg is the Student-of-the-Month for the Class of 2026! Nate was nominated by Mrs. Moore and Ms. Mitchell for working to obtain his goals and going above and beyond. His teachers say that “Nate has done an amazing job of participating in class and showing his understanding of math.” So far, Nate’s favorite teacher at CRHS has been Ms. Delano because “she is nice and she helps me with my work. She always answers any questions I ask and she reminds me that I am able to do anything.” Nate had a lot to say about what it means to be Colonel TOUGH: “Being TOUGH is being a respectful classmate. I try to help the people in my classes as much as I can. The most important part of TOUGH is the G, going above and beyond. I think it's important because if you want to achieve your goals you have to try harder than you think you can.” In the future, he says he wants to be a farmer but is “still deciding.” FUN FACT: Nate is really good at playing video games!

Domnique Caven is the Student-of-the-Month for the Class of 2025! Mr. Shaheen nominated Domnique because he consistently goes above and beyond and treats others with respect. Mr. Shaheen says “Each day in Strength and Conditioning, he goes above and beyond to perfect his technique and increase his strength. From there, he goes straight to Health where he works diligently on his assignments both individually and with his peers.” In his first one-and-a-half years of high school, Domnique’s favorite teacher has been Mrs.Dennis because “she is always helping students out with problems they are having no matter what because she is a great person.” At this point, Domnique wants to go to college for engineering. To him, the most important part of being tough is treating others with respect because “if you want someone’s respect you have to respect others.” FUN FACT: Domnique hopes to play football after high school at the “next level!”

Frankie Aguiar is the Student-of-the-Month for the Class of 2024! Frankie was nominated by Mrs. Bee for going above and beyond. When asked about Frankie, Mrs. Bee says: “Frankie consistently sets an example worth following. She is a conscientious student who had zero missing assignments for the first quarter. Frankie is passionate about her beliefs and is unapologetically herself. She is an absolute pleasure to have in class.” According to Frankie, Mrs. Bee is the best teacher. When asked to elaborate, she said: “Mrs. Bee is the nicest person and also makes class simple and fun.” After Colonel, Frankie would love to attend Boston University with a psychology degree and a minor in a foreign language. For Frankie, being Colonel TOUGH means being “ a good-hearted human being.” The most important aspect is understanding diversity because “every person is different and that shouldn't mean we should treat each other any differently.” FUN FACT: Frankie collects vinyl records!

Cameron Clendaniel is the Student-of-the-Month for the Class of 2023! Cam was nominated by Ms. Kinlock for obtaining goals and going above and beyond in English 12. Ms. Kinlock says “Cameron went above and beyond to write his summative essay for our second unit and turn it in on time. He also actively participated both in an introductory improv for Macbeth and in reading the part of Macbeth during our discussion of Act I. Thank you for holding yourself to your own high expectations and for participating actively in class.” Cameron’s favorite classes have been with Mr. Cheezum because he “gets to learn about things I care about.” For Cam, being TOUGH means setting goals and then working to obtain them. In the future, he would like to pursue a career in the culinary arts and music. FUN FACT: Sometimes Cameron writes music!

Promoting a healthy and safe environment for ALL students and staff:

CCPS is committed to providing a safe, respectful, nurturing educational environment where the worth and dignity of individuals are valued and their safety and rights are protected. Behaviors that compromise this environment, interfere with school operations, or are otherwise contrary to the basic mission of our public schools will not be tolerated. Bullying, hazing, harassment, or other discrimination affecting a student or a staff member should be reported by a victim, parent/guardian, witness, staff member, or other person having knowledge. Staff members with knowledge of such conduct are required to promptly report it to the building principal.

Caroline County Public Schools prohibits discrimination in its educational programs, and in employment, on the basis of actual or perceived race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, marital status, sexual orientation, genetic information, gender identity, or disability.