KJ Dance Spring Concert 2022

updated May 27th

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Dancers will arrive 30 minutes prior to their showtime stage ready!

ALL purchased tickets are digital and have been emailed to all families!

If you still have questions about your tickets, please email Russell at tickets@allenpac.org.

Curtain Call at the END OF THE SHOW!

All dancers will remain backstage for the entire show. Dancers will make their final appearance at the curtain call and take their bow! Parents will meet their dancers in the lobby and check their dancer out with their assigned stage mom!

KJ Families,

KJ's Spring Concert planning is well underway, and we are creatively designing a concert that you will thoroughly enjoy. We are planning shows over the course of two days, May 28th and 29th. Each day will consist of one matinee and one evening show. Your dancer will be featured in one of the shows during the concert weekend and perform and demonstrate what they have learned this year. As always, we do our best to design the classes for the most optimal shows for each family. (i.e. siblings performing in the same show, both classes in the same show etc.).

The dance curriculum that is woven into an hour dance class will truly come to life, and we cannot wait for you to see your dancer's growth.

Tickets for our 2022 "WANDERLUST" concert will go on sale May 1st through the Allen Performing Arts Center website! We will send a reminder 24 hours prior to tickets going on sale!

After review the details below, please let us know if you have any questions about the 2022 Concert. Email us at kjdance.office@gmail.com.

Have a wonderful night!

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Costume Details

Please click on the document below for your dancer's costume details! How they should wear their hair, what tights they need, and shoes should be warn etc. is all found on this document!

2022 Costume Details Information

WANDERLUST Concert Sponsors, and T Shirts

WANDERLUST T-shirts are now available for purchase from the KJ Plano and KJ Frisco front offices. You can purchase your concert t-shirt by cash or credeit from the KJ offices. We will not be charging online accounts for the t-shirts, so please make sure to have a method of payment with you when you visit our offices to purchase a WANDERLUST t-shirt!

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Dress Rehearsal Schedules

Please click the links below to view the 2022 Dress Rehearsal Schedules at Allen Performing Arts Center the week of March 23 - 27th! The Saturday May 28th 1:00pm show dancers will rehearse on Monday, the Saturday May 28th 5:00pm show dancers will rehearse on Tuesday, the Sunday May 29th 1:00pm show dancers will rehearse on Wednesday, the Sunday May 29th 5:00pm show dancers will rehearse on Thursday. Only PULSE dancers will rehearse on Friday (in addition to other days throughout the week).

Your dress rehearsal on the week of May 23rd - 27th WILL REPLACE YOUR NORMAL CLASS AT THE STUDIO.

Monday, May 23rd Dress Rehearsal Schedule

The Saturday May 28th 1:00pm show dancers will rehearse on Monday

Tuesday, May 24th Dress Rehearsal Schedule

The Saturday May 28th 5:00pm show dancers will rehearse on Tuesday

Wednesday, May 25th Dress Rehearsal Schedule

The Sunday May 29th 1:00pm show dancers will rehearse on Wednesday

Thursday, May 26th Dress Rehearsal Schedule

The Sunday May 29th 5:00pm show dancers will rehearse on Thursday

Friday, May 27th Dress Rehearsal Schedule

PULSE dancers only dress rehearsal

KJ 2022 Concert Performance Times

Please click the link below and find your dancer's class to determine their assigned show for the Concert. The matinees will begin at 1:00pm and the evening shows will begin at 5:00pm.

KJ Concert Performance Times- CLICK HERE

PULSE dancers please CLICK HERE for your Performance Outlines for each show.

Honory KJ Dancers

We love to honor and recognize dancers and families that have danced at KJ for 5, 10 or 15 years. Please complete the form below if your dancer meets one of these KJ milestones, so we are able to recognize them!

Honorary KJ Dancer's Form

Stage Moms

CALLING ALL KJ SUPER MOMMAS! WE NEED YOU BACKSTAGE THIS YEAR! We are still in need of stage moms! If you are willing to help out backstage, please email our stage mom coordinator at kjdancestagemoms@gmail.com TODAY!!

We will have a stage mom zoom on May 1st at 8:00pm for all moms who have signed up to help!


KJ is excited to partner with the Performing Arts Center in Allen, Texas to host the 2022 KJ Concerts in their state of the art Theatre.

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Concert 2022 FAQ

When is the last day my dancer can join a class and still perform in the concert?

February 26th is the last day a dancer can switch or add a class and still perform in the concert. Due to costume shipping issues, we cannot guarantee a costume after the 26th of February.

When will the dancers begin to learn their dance for the Concert?

Technique training is of utmost importance at KJ Dance. It is important to us that we complete the curriculum and do not practice the same dance over and over for the remainder fo the spring semester. KJ dancers will begin to learn their concert dance mid February, and will practice pieces of their dance throughout the semester. We are excited to watch them shine, and will ensure that dancers feel confident in their performance dance.

Will both my children perform in the same show?

As always, we try very hard to place siblings in the same show. We will be very diligent this year and try our best, but as always there are no guarantees. We hope to accommodate your family the best we can. Thank you for understanding!

What is the difference in the Rhythm and Rhyme Recital and the 2022 Concert?

The Rhythm and Rhyme Recital is for our preschool aged dancers, and is held in-house at KJ. This is a more intimate setting for our younger dancers. The Concert is designed for dancers that are enrolled in the Combo I classes and older.

How will I be able to purchase to the concert?

Tickets are first come, first serve. Ticket sales are not limited this year and will go on sale May1st! Tickets will be available to purchase through the Allen Performing Arts Center website.

What will my dancer need to wear with their costume?

Detailed costume sheets for each costume will be linked here in the next couple of weeks!

Mark your Calendars

May 1st- Costume Pick Up Day

May 13th-15th- Rhythm and Rhyme Recitals

May 23rd- 27th- Concert Dress Rehearsals

May 28th/29th- KJ 2022 Concert

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