The Year Of Shadows

Book Written By: Claire LeGrand

About the Main Character

Olivia is a strong passionate girl who goes after what she wants. Olivia is one who has doubt but never gives up. I believe Olivia is Strong because she is poorly treated at home the only people she has are the ghosts and her grandmother. She lives with her dad but he is more focused on the Orchestra than her. Olivia's Mother also left them to continue a art career. When Olivia puts her mind to something she doesn't stop she continues no matter how scared she is. For example, when Olivia went ghost hunting with Henry. It seemed as though she was scared but she never showed her fear. Olivia is brave.

Character Development

In the beginning Olivia was shy and didn't have many friends until the ghost came and she held a Seance (definition below) to try to communicate with the dead. That's when she started to become more open and brave. Towards the ending of the book Olivia mostly to me stayed the same. Olivia still showed her true colors around Henry because he really cared about her. Also, to the end Olivia was upset from he mother passing away but, the Mastereo finally turned himself around and, started acting like a mature father.

Praise or Pan?

I would honestly pan this book. I didn't enjoy it as much as I would have liked too. The story plot was great. I loved the characters just it wasn't as creepy as the cover looked. I wish it would have been a little more thrilling to read.