earth the hottest hit in the galaxy

the best trip that your family can enjoy

don't miss this trip not every opportunity is as good as this.

our vacation house

as you see below that is an animated might notice as you enter our gravity Field that we are a smaller planet but don’t let the size bother you. The blue you see is water a clear liquid that is essential to all species on the planet.It is known as an ocean and it it's self houses the most species on the planet.The ocean takes up 70% of all earth.the brown and green mass is houses birds(a flying creature that is about a foot long),four legged animals plants and humans.

Fast facts

-our planet weighs approximately 5.97219Ex15 kg

-its equator is 12,756 km


most creature's here are curious.
and playful in there own way
but there are some amazing ones too this particular bird can dive at 200 miles per hour.