Clinton Elementary School

April Bear Facts!

Dear Clinton Families,

I hope that this newsletter finds you and your family well. It is so hard being away from the physical building of Clinton Elementary School, but please know that we are still together as the Clinton Family. During this time, it is so important to take care of yourself. I always use the example of an oxygen mask on an airplane. They instruct you to put on your own oxygen mask before helping others. If you are having trouble putting on your own "oxygen mask", please reach out. We are here to support you, too. If homeschooling is too much, feel free to take a quick recess. That is what a traditional teacher does when a break is needed. I will be completely honest and confess that on Friday my own son was having "school refusal". He thought of everything he could do but his school work. So he took a break for the day and we made up the work over the next few days. Your family's physical and mental health is most important at this time. Lets all work together to be even stronger once this is all over! #clintonstrong #togetherwegotthis

Fondly, Jennifer Connors

A Special Reader

Essex County Freeholder Carlos Pomares had the pleasure of reading one of his favorite children's books, "Just As I am, The Story of Rusty Roy" to five classes at Clinton School. In celebration of Read Across America, he shared this story that featured his good friend Roy B. Yokelson and his car Rusty and Himself as Carlos the Cab. The story encourages acceptance for people who may be different than you. In this story, Rusty Roy was the only rusty car in the bunch of shiny cars. When Mack the Monster Truck ridicules Roy for being different, a fleet of shiny and restored cars (his pals) comes to his defense. It was great to see the students recognize the real-world application of the lessons taught in this story. In real life, Roy's car is very rusty...and, like in the story, beloved by his family and friends, including his pals at Bloomfield Cruisers.

Leader in Me

7 Habits Reflection: Getting After the Recharge

Everyone is talking about the need for self-care. Have you moved beyond the talk, to the practice? Pause and reflect with Erica as we take some time to bring the power of renewal into focus.

Our Art Teacher - Miss Warshany

April 1st marked Miss Warshany’s 1st year at Clinton Elementary! Ever since she was in elementary school, she always dreamed about staying in the art room all day long- and now she does! The best part is Miss Warshany now gets to pass her love of art to all our students here at Clinton. This year has been filled with fun, creative, and colorful art projects! Stay tuned at the end of the year when your child gets to bring home their Art Portfolio filled with all the amazing artwork inside that they have made throughout the year!

As always, you can reach out to Miss Warshany with any questions or concerns at

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Here you will be able to see certain projects and the process!