Secondary Teaching and Learning

Fall 2020 Newsletter

The Secondary Teaching and Learning Team

Student learning is at the center of all we do in the Bethel School District. The Teaching and Learning department plays a key role in making sure students and teachers have the resources they need to maximize their potential. Through collaboration and dedicated effort, the Teaching and Learning department strives to deliver a world class education for every student in Bethel School District.

Meet the Secondary Teaching and Learning Team.

Secondary Teaching and Learning: Vision, Mission, & Values

Our vision, every Bethel staff member feels supported, competent, and confident to teach and lead with compassion and equity to ensure all students are prepared to thrive in their community and reach their post high school dreams.

Our mission is to provide high quality, culturally responsive standard- based teaching and learning with intentional support that coordinates a well-rounded rigorous curriculum, instruction, and assessment program and provides on-going professional learning to maximize student and staff academic and personal growth.

Our values include Communication, Collaboration, Compassion, Competence, Community, & Equity.

Secondary TL Mission, Vision, Values Document

Secondary Teaching & Learning Areas of Focus

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Secondary Teaching and Learning

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