Wynford Elementary

Back to School Edition--September

First Quarter Mid-term time??

Can you believe that we are at mid-terms? Nope, neither can we! Since we started the year with students and staff utilizing "The First 8 Days" curriculum, which was put together by The Leader in Me, eight days were spent working on classroom and building expectations. After that, teachers started on academics. We, as a staff, do not feel that we have collected enough information to send home official mid-term reports at this time. However, teachers will be contacting parents directly if they have any academic or behavioral concerns. Parents have the ability to check grades online at any time, if you do not have the log in information, please contact the office.

Also during the first 8 days of school, students took the initial reading and math diagnostic tests. This year we have transitioned from MAP testing to iReady. Reports and information about student access will be sent home within the next couple of weeks. The best part about the switch to iReady is that a learning pathway was created for each student based on how they scored on the initial diagnostic assessment. Students have access to the program from home and school. This is not taking the place of instruction by any means, however--it is putting practice, intervention and extention at the palm of their hands! We anticipate this program having a positive impact on students' academic success.

If you have not filled out the online information on Final Forms, please do so immediately. We use this data base for emergency contact information. If you need assistance, please contact the office, we will set up a time for you to come into the office and fill them out.

If you are waiting to hear whether or not you qualified for Free/Reduced lunches, please contact the office. Paper forms needed to be printed off and turned in, that process was not fulfilled through Final Forms.

I am excited to announce that over the summer I got married! So, when you hear Mrs. Ratliff mentioned, it's just me, not a new principal, just a new name!

As always, the connection between home and school is an important one. If you have concerns, please contact us via note, email or phone call. Communication is key to success.

Yours in Education,

Nelle Ratliff

419.562.4619, ext 302


From the Desk of the Assistant Principal

Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year! After 22 years at the high school in high school English and in intervention, I am thrilled to be the assistant principal at the elementary school. As a matter of fact, many parents reading this newsletter might have sat in my sophomore classes not too long ago at WHS.

Currently, I am Mrs. Ratliff’s assistant, am working on attendance and managing bus discipline issues with Mr. Shupp. I see your students often in classrooms, at lunch and recess time and in the unfortunate case if he or she was ever sent to the office. However, I know most of your children from the daily interactions of school.

As a friendly reminder, please call the school if your child is ill for the day or have an appointment in advance in order for the office to know that they are safe at home for the day. You will receive a phone call in the event that you have forgotten to call in. Upon his or her return, IN ORDER FOR THE ABSENCE TO BE EXCUSED A NOTE MUST BE WRITTEN TO THE SCHOOL for us to have it on record. The attendance policy is in the student handbook for your reference. Please call me at extension 303 if you have questions. Excessive absences will be noted with letters home before the end of the 9 weeks.

Thank you again for your support of our students and school district. I look forward to meeting many of you in the future.

Amy Taylor-Sheldon

Wynford Elementary Assistant Principal

Upcoming Events

September 26th--Internet Safety Presentation--Jesse Weinberger

**5:30--light dinner served

**6:00-8:00--presentation in the High School Auditorium (free child care provided)

September 29th--Mumkin Delivery

**12:30--Mumkin Delivery truck comes

**1:00-2:30--Mumkins can be picked up

October 1st--Bus Safety Week

October 5th--First Friday--Club Day

October 11th--Picture Retakes

October 12th--Fire Safety Day

October 15th--Girl Scout Recruitment Meeting--6:00 in MPR

October 16th--PTO Meeting--4:00 in MPR--First Graders Featured

October 19th--Community Brunch put on by Student Lighthouse Team

October 20th--PTO Fall Craft Show

October 23rd--Fall Session of Third Grade ELA Assessment

October 25th--Fall Session of Third Grade ELA Assessment

October 26th--Halloween Parties--2:15 parents allowed in the building, please park in the back

**4th Grade--Flashlight Friday in the Gym

Mumkin PIck Up

Saturday, Sep. 29th, 1-2:30pm

WES Parking Lot

Mumkins can be picked up between 1-2:30.

Volunteers needed! We can use your help!

12:30 the truck will arrive--we can use help unloading the products, sorting and organizing.

1:00-2:30 parents will pick mums up--we can use help filling the orders and loading them in vehicles

Student Lighthouse Team

This year, 44 students applied to be on the Student Lighthouse Team.

From the initial 44, 31 made it to the next round, needing teacher referrals.

Twenty-four students were interviewed and 12 new members were selected.

The interview committee was comprised of three teachers and three 6th graders who are current members of the SLT.

Thirteen students, who were on the team last year, returned this year.

The following students represent the Student Lighthouse Team:

Brooke Frombaugh--Gracie Gottfried--Cali Holbrook--Maggie Ridge--Caroline Sheldon-- Brooklyn Stauffer--Bayleigh Armstrong--Lauren Ferguson--Briley Hildreth--Henasi Miller-- Drew Pope--Rylee Robinson--Brock Saam--Emily Schuster--Jake Stover--Anthony Evans-- Dawson Pelter--Drew Johnson--Addison Lust--Weston Prenger--Seth Pope--Marty Schuster--Gretchen Shade--Addison Stucky--Mallorie Williams

These students represent 4th - 6th grades and they bring a variety of strengths and ideas to the team.

These students will have many opportunities to show their leadership abilities during community brunches, leadership events, attend community events and in their daily lives at school. They are changing the culture of leadership in our building. They are given a voice for change and identifying how they can inspire all of the students to be the best they can be by learning, living and sharing the 7 Habits in our school community.

We are very proud of all the students who applied for the team and encourage all students to live the 7 Habits and be good role models--even when no one is watching.

7 Habits Review--Habit 1--Be Proactive

You're in charge: I am a responsible person. I take initiative. I choose my actions, attitudes, and moods. I do not blame others for my wrong actions. I do the right thing without being asked, even when no one is looking.
Big picture

WES PRIDE Week--October 1st - 5th

Monday--Pajama Day

Tuesday--Royal Day--wear PRIDE t-shirts or blue clothes

Wednesday--Invisible Day--wear white to blend in

Thursday--Do an Act of Kindness

Friday--End in Mind--Career/College Day--wear clothes to support your college or career

Do you want to be a classroom volunteer?

Starting this year, our volunteers need to be approved by the Board of Education.

Anyone interested in volunteering will need to have a background check that was done within the last 5 years. If you need the paperwork or advice on how to have that done, please contact Jeanne Thompson.

Volunteers will need to sign in and out at the office on the "Volunteer Sign-In Sheet 2018-2019."

Volunteers who sign in more than five times will be reimbursed 50% of the cost of the FBI/BCI background checks once a receipt is turned in to the office.

Royal Pride

The Kindness Club, along with the PTO, worked together to support the school's PBIS slogan of Royal PRIDE by creating this year's spirit shirt with it in mind.

Students are encouraged to show their PRIDE by demonstrating the following:

I will Persevere

I show Respect

I have Integrity

I am Dependable

I know Everyone matters

Students will be encouraged to wear their PRIDE shirts on Fridays and on special occasions. Students should listen to school announcements and parents can watch for announcements on Facebook and Twitter.

There is one last chance to order t-shirts, information was sent home with students and posted on the PTO Facebook page.