Analyzing Duke

Duke's Identity (Twelfth Night)

Duke believes that he is this tough guy and that he is a ladies man. Duke is a powerful nobleman in the country of Illyria. Duke is madly in love with Olivia and try's to be romantic when she comes around him but he cant control himself. Duke try's to talk to Olivia but he gets tongue tied every time he talks to her. "Duke Orsino is a vehicle through whom Shakespeare explores the absurdity of love" (Act 1 Scene 1). This quote connects with him because he explores love between two girls that he likes.

Duke's Gender (Twelfth Night)

Duke Orsino is forced to act like a powerful nobleman. He is a supreme egoist, Duke Orsino mopes around complaining how heartsick he is over Olivia. Duke is really a sweet heart and is very cool to be around. Duke enjoys making a fool of himself. Duke thinks no woman is strong enough to hold his love. "No woman is strong enough to put up with the kind of intense passion I feel. No woman's heart is big enough to hold all of my love" (Act 2 Scene 4). This quote describes Duke Orsino as in if he loves hard and he is not sure if a woman is strong enough.

Duke's Perception (Twelfth Night)

Everyone thinks of Duke Orsino as a handsome guy. He's a bachelor and the object of Viola's affection but he's trying to impress the Lady Olivia. Duke thinks Cesario(Viola) is his buddy and he doesn't know that he's a girl that likes him too. Duke Orsino is in love with the idea of being in love and is depressed about this, so when he says "if music be the food of Love play on" he is trying to cure his depression. This quote describes duke because he is in love with Olivia and she doesn't like him back.

Duke's similarities/Differences (twelfth Night)

Duke Orsino is not really similar to me at all. Duke Orsino very different from me because I would have noticed when someone is a boy or a girl. I can point out something like that very quickly especially when they are staying in the same room as me. The differences between me and Duke Orsino are that I can notice things quickly and not just play along with it. The similarities between me and Duke Orsino are very rare but I will say that I am sweet and nice like him, that is about it.

Duke Identity (She's The Man)

Duke's thinks of himself in the movie as a tough guy who has the biggest crush on this girl in his school. The girl he likes is Olivia, but she doesn't like him she likes someone else. He's really a sweet soft guy who cant talk right in front of girls especially Olivia. Duke is a soccer player and he is Illyria's team captain. He thinks Sebastian(Viola) , his roommate, is weird and doesn't really want to talk to him. But after he sees that Sebastian gets all the girls he wants to be his friend to be with the girls. This describes his identity because he is trying to get close with Olivia.

Duke's Perception (She's The Man)

People think of Duke of this tough jock guy who talks to every girl in the school. They also think of him as a passionate man. Duke initially dislike Sebastian(Viola) due to his awkward and strange behavior. However, with help from Paul once again, they begin to accept him into their social circle. Sebastian thinks that Duke is a soft and dedicated boy who thinks he likes Olivia but since Duke kissed Viola at the kissing booth he likes her too.

Duke's Gender (She's The Man)

Dukes gender is like being this tough guy on the outside and then being all sweet and nice on the inside. Sebastian(Viola) tells Duke that Viola really likes him and that Duke should talk to her. Duke expresses to Sebastian(Viola) that he kind of moving on from Olivia and is falling for Viola from their kiss at the kissing booth. Dukes gender in the movie is changing from him being at the carnival than being at school falling for Olivia. Duke gets into a fight with a boy named Justin for kissing his ex -girlfriend Viola.

Duke's Similarities/Differences (She's The Man)

The Duke in the movie She's The Man relates to me because I am tough person and that is also what people think of me as well but I can also be sweet until you get on my bad side. We have differences such as I would not make a deal to go on a date with someone and then teach someone how to play soccer or any other sport. Duke is similar to some people I know that are close to me but they also have their differences too.