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January 23, 2022

Happy weekend everyone!

Lots of great info and pictures from this week below... enjoy!

-Your seventh grade team

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project highlight of the week: Chemistry

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In Science class, we have been completing a Chemical Reactions project. Over the past few weeks, kids have been working on generating testable questions that involve changing a variable (Independent) to investigate how that might affect a known chemical reaction in a measurable way (dependent variable). Once the students chose a question, created a scientific hypothesis and generated a replicable procedure, they got to repeat their experiments multiple times to collect data (the fun part).

Ask your student(s) about the measurements that we collected this week, and if they found any relationships between the variables that they chose. Many hypotheses were proven correct!

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Academic Assistance Every Tuesday and Thursday!

Interested in getting some extra support for school work? Every Tuesday and Thursday from 3:30-4:30 there is After School Assistance available to any WPMS student. Just drop in any time!

We are now also offering a virtual option as well! If your student is home sick, they can still log in to the After School Assistance Google Classroom in order to check in with Mrs. Smith for any help they might need, or to take an assessment, if they so choose.

hallway behavior

As we mentioned back in December, it is of the utmost importance to creating a safe school environment that our hallways are a safe place to be. Many students are demonstrating ideal behavior in the hallway: mingling with friends, getting things in and out of lockers, and passing to their next classes. However, we still have some students behaving inappropriately in the hallways in ways that are unsafe.

Please remind students that any kind of hitting, kicking, punching, etc. in the hallway is unacceptable, as we will discuss with all of them today (again). Most of the time, a student's response to as asking this behavior to stop is "we're just messing around". Clearly, this type of messing around is not appropriate in the hallways of a school, though if kids choose to play this way at home, at their own space, that is their choice. It can not happen here. We will continue to assign consequences for these behaviors, and be contacting the families of students involved.

Thank you for discussing this with your kiddos.

In core class this week:

Math 7:

We are coming to the end of our integers unit in a couple of weeks. We just finished multiplying and dividing rules this week! Please review any red or yellow cool downs in order to help fix your mistakes, and also remember to complete Exercise Sets for extra practice and application. If you have any questions, I am going through the Exercise Sets on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school in the library from 3:30 to 4:30.

Accelerated Math 7:

The study guide for this unit's assessment just went out on Thursday. We will be having our End of Unit Assessment next Thursday and Friday, January 27 & 28. We will review questions you have about the problems on the study guide on Wednesday to help study and prepare for the assessment. Another great study tool is to review the cool downs and fix any of the cool downs that may be red or yellow. If you have extra questions or need extra help, please stop by during lunch or after school on Tuesday and Thursday from 3:30 to 4:30.

Science: This week in science we focused on following good procedures during experiments. then analyzing the data that we collected from those experiments. Students are making graphs, using math to analyze the data that they collected and making conclusions based on evidence.

Language Arts: This week in ELA we finished up our research for our persuasive letters in Checkpoint 2 on Wednesday. Now, we are working on Outlining our letters in Checkpoint 3. One of the most crucial parts of our persuasive letters are our Argumentative Claim statements, which is a Cognitive Skill assessed in the final product of our letters. On Tuesday, we worked through what makes a strong Argumentative Claim. Students are using their Claim statements to guide their Outlines, due on Monday. Next week, we will wrap up the Project with drafting our letters, and putting together a presentation. All final products are due Friday, January 28. Due dates have been added to the Checkpoint titles for reference.

Social Studies: In Social Studies we started the Journaling the Ancient World project. I will no longer be providing feedback for Checkpoint 1 as that was the opening activity. Checkpoint 2's goal completion date is today. The purpose of the checkpoint is research and practicing the Selecting Relevant Resources cog skill. Your students should be keeping track of their sources to complete a bibliography and do well on the cog skill. The Research and Citing Sources PFA in ELA is a great source for the proper citation format.

Panther Time: This week we focused on finishing any missed MAP tests. We also focused on PFAs. At the beginning of the week, only 50% of 7th graders were caught up on PFAs and now about 80% are caught up. They worked hard on this and we are proud. Another happy note is at the beginning of the week, about 50-60% of the students had turned in a completed Social Studies DBQ. We worked really hard on that too, and now we are up to about 80% completion. Please ask your students how they are doing on these two things.

Chromebook reminders:

  • Chromebooks should be charged every night!
  • Chromebooks should not have any stickers on them. All stickers should be removed ASAP.
  • If you have any troubles with charging, missing keys or anything else, please let us know. The better care students take of their chromebooks, the longer they will last.

Want to personalize your chromebook?

Kids often like to decorate their chromebooks to personalize them. However, we do not permit stickers or any other marking on the school chromebooks. If students would like to purchase a cover for their chromebook, this will not only protect the device but allow for some of that personalization that so many of them are looking for right now. Below you will find a link to one that several of our students have begun using. This is not required in any way, just an option if your student is interested:

Cover link

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Want to volunteer?

Yes, we are able to have volunteers in the school again! If you are interested in helping out here at school, please fill out the form at the bottom of this letter and bring it in to the front office.

Your Seventh Grade Team

E-mail is the best way to contact any of your students' teachers, so please feel free to check in with us any time using the email addresses listed below.

Greg Spalding: History

Amy Smith: Panther Time

Amanda Seiltz: English

Cathy Martin: Math

Mindy Wiley: Science

What do I need to bring to school every day?

  • Lanyard with school ID
  • Filled Water Bottle
  • Backpack
  • Chromebook
  • Class-specific supplies

Have a great weekend!!


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