WPMS 7th Grade

Somewhere in the Middle

May 21, 2021

Greetings families!

Could it be that we only have one more week of school? Yes, it could!! Please continue to encourage kids to stay focused and finish the year strong. 7th graders will be continuing work through this last week, so there is still a great deal of opportunity to learn, grow and improve grade status over this time. Keep reading for specific class updates below :)

Have a great weekend!

The cars are multiplying!!!

Students write their name on a car when they have finished all PFAs for a class. Each time they finish a class, they get to write the name of that class on the car. More cars are showing up on the road every day!!
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After School Academic Assistance

During this last week of school, teachers will no longer be offering after school support. We appreciate all of the hard work that has been put in by the students who have taken advantage of the opportunity to stay after with us!

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Frog Dissections!!!

Due to the early end of year quarantine from last year, this year's seventh grade students never had the opportunity to complete the frog dissection lab associated with the sixth grade anatomy unit. Knowing that this is a very special lab activity that many students look back no fondly after leaving middle school, we have decided to add it to the end of the year for these kids. Here is what that will look like this week:

Monday: Anatomy review, safety guidelines and frog dissection virtual practice in class

Wednesday: Frog dissections during regular science class

The dissections will not be a new grade or required, however we would like all students to participate in this learning event. If for any reason you prefer that your student not participate in this activity, please contact his/her science teacher to make alternate plans.

So what are kids doing next week??

Monday: Regular academic day in classes

Tuesday: Modified schedule for Color Run (opportunity to complete work in morning)

  • Students are encouraged to wear white during the run.
  • Students should bring a change of clothes for after the run.
  • All donations and permissions slips are due ASAP!! Students who do not have a permission slip will watch the Color Run from the bleachers.

Wednesday: Regular academic day

  • Chromebooks will be returned to library at the end of the day. Be sure to have kids bring chargers with chromebooks this day!!
  • Students attending summer school can keep chromebooks until summer school is finished.
  • Last full schedule day, and last opportunity to improve grades/submit projects/master PFAs or AFAs

Thursday: Modified Schedule (9-12)

  • Students will not need any academic materials or lunch, so no backpacks necessary
  • Students will participate in 7th grade activities both inside and outside, so please dress accordingly (and consider putting sunscreen on in the morning)
  • Students will be dismissed at noon for the summer!
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Your Seventh Grade Team

Amy Smith: English and Social Studies

Amanda Seiltz: English and Social Studies

Cathy Martin: Math and Science

Nicole Vergenz: Physical Education and Mentor

Josh Davidson: Art and Mentor

Danielle Park: Vocal Music and Mentor

Mindy Wiley: Math and Science

What do I need to bring to school every day?

  • 2 Masks
  • Lanyard
  • Filled Water Bottle
  • Backpack
  • Supply List (click here)

Have a great weekend!!

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