WANTED! Eurasian Ruffe

By: Mary Coates


1-Gynocephaius Cernuus

2- Eurasian Ruffle

3- The Tough Ruffe

Identifying Characteristics:

They are yellow with wall eye markings, 5-6 inches, highly reproductive, they easily adapt to new environments, tolerant of poor water, like lakes with soft bottoms with little to no vegetation, and slow moving waters.

Last Seen:

-Northern Europe


Suspected Hideouts:

-Great Lakes and states surrounding it

Crimes Committed:

-Causing native species to decline (yellow perch, emerald, spatial shiners)

-Competes with native species

-Interfering with native ecosystems

-Hurting the human race by causing their food sources to decline


-Ecologically our ecosystem will work on restoring balance

-Socially our lakes will be safe to swim in

-Economically our fish industry will get back to normal and we will not have to worry about spending our money on getting rid of the Tough Ruffe