Victorian Era

A Period of Prosperity, Agriculture, and Industry

How they dressed, their education, religion,and family life

During family life in the victorian era fathers were to be called "Sir" and mothers did not cook or clean. Children were taken care of by their nannies and did all of the cooking and cleaning that their nanny,mother or even father taught them. In the second picture is where the wealthy children were taught how to read and write. Most victorians religions were either roman catholic or anglican. At the very bottom of the page is a video,the music on the video is the type of music they listened to in the victorian era.Little girls in the victorian era would usually play with dolls or tea sets and little boys would play with marbles or soldiers.
Victorian Era Dance and Music- by Kayla Ordaz and Jessica Donahue

To Make a Long Story Short

The Great Exhibition was created by Prince Albert and was held in Hyde Park,London inside of the Crystal Palace which was originally created by Sir Joseph Paxton in 10 days. Inside of the great exhibition there were over 13,000 exhibits that were viewed by over 6,200,000 visitors. After the great exhibition closed the crystal palace was moved to Sydenham Hill in south London.It was reconstructed to make a 200 acre vitorian theme park. It was opened on July,10 1854 by Queen Victoria. The crystal palace was destroyed in a fire on November,30 1936.

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