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Cardiff is a relatively small city surrounded by hills in the east , north and west . The geographical features of the area influenced the development of the city as one of the largest coal port in the world, 18 because of its proximity and easy access to the coal fields of the south Wales valleys . The town is bordered on the west by the rural district of Vale of Glamorgan , which is known as the Garden of Cardiff ; 19 on the east by the city of Newport ; north , to the valleys of South Wales ; and on the south by the River Severn and the Bristol Channel . The River Taff winds through the center of the city and along the River Ely , joins Cardiff Bay . A third river, the Rhymney , crosses the east of the city and flows directly into the Severn .

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Part of the Harry Potter was filmed in Cardiff. This scene corresponds to a Quidditch match
The Da Vinci Code is another movie that filmed a part in Cardiff


Roman times to the Middle Cardiff was fortified by the Romans during the occupation of the British Isles. When the domain in Britain ended in early V century , the fort was abandonado. The remains of the original fortifications are still visible in Cardiff Castle .

Glamorganshire County Town In 1536 , the Act of Union between England and Wales led to the creation of the County of Glamorgan , and Cardiff city formed a county ( County town) .

City ​​status October 28, 1905 , Cardiff was granted the status of city by Eduardo VII , and became a Roman Catholic cathedral in 1916. In the following years a growing number of national institutions such as the National Museum of Wales were located in the city.

After a brief boom after World War II, Cardiff docks entered a prolonged decline in the interwar period . Trade in 1936 was less than half its 1913 value , reflecting the fall in demand for coal Gales.13 bombing suffered during World War II included the devastation of Llandaff Cathedral , and the postwar years , the link of the city with the Bute family came to an end.

Sports in Cardiff


Cardiff city fc is the best football team in the country has great players and a great quarry from which came out the big player Gareth Bale


Cardiff blues is the rugby team representing the city of Cardiff one of the best teams in the country

Cardiff where dreams come true ;)

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