Maniac Magee

By: Jerry Spinneli


Maniac Magee is about a boy who ran away from his aunt and uncle to a town. At this town there blacks, but at the town were Jeffery lived there were whites. While he was in the town that he run to, he found a family to live with. A little bit after that he run away again then lived with a white elderly. After a few weeks the elderly who is Grayson died then Jeffory Lived with the family again that lived in the little town called Two Mills.


I liked Maniac Magee i would totally recommend it to the 6, 7, and 8th grade. I would give this book a 10/10.

About the Author Jerry Spinnelli

Jerry lived in Norristown, Pennsilvanaia. While he oloibved in Norristown he wanted to be a baseball player till he was fithteen. The first time he got a poem published he always wanted to be a writer. When he first wrote a book he got a published but he did not like his books. But then he accidentaly became childrens book writer.
Meet the Author: Jerry Spinelli