News from 4th grade

Week of 9/19 in the books!

News at a Glance

  • Math: This week we'll be reviewing rounding for those who had a difficult time with it and beginning prime numbers and factors.
  • If you haven't done so already, please send a pair of headphones in with your child to help with noise distractions during class time.
  • At one point this week we had 6 friends absent...yikes...please do your best to avoid illness!
  • Our school-wide picnic will be this Friday, 9/30 from 11:30-12:30
  • The class voted to have "Snack Friday" for their ROAR reward for next week - please send a snack for the class if you can the week of 10/1
  • Happy Fall!

What we're learning this week!

Reading: Journeys!

This week we will continue our My Librarian is a Camel from last week's newsletter. Quizzes for spelling, vocab, grammar and comprehension will be on Tuesday.

Intervention groups with the reading specialists will begin on Wednesday. Please let me know if you have any questions about your child's learning plan.

Science: Rocks and Minerals

This week we did experiments with a "mock rock" that I made out of salt, sea shells, sand, gravel and flour. We read and discussed words like crystallized, dissolved, and minerals which were new for many. We also discussed how rocks are made of smaller parts called minerals (which cannot be broken into smaller parts).

Next week we will explore different rocks and minerals and discuss their hardness and properties along with streak tests.

Coming soon: My Pet Rock project and Science test. Stay tuned for next week's issue.

Math: Rounding, Prime Numbers, Factors, and Fluency

This week we will be reviewing rounding for those who struggled and will being learning about prime numbers and factors in math.

On Tuesday, we will have our fluency quiz that includes the 0, 1, 2, and 3 fact families of multiplication. Each student will have 2 minutes to answer 50 questions. Please use the flashcards that were sent home for extra help.

Book Buddies with Miss Becker's 1st grade class

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This week we started our book buddies program with Miss Becker's first graders. Our class chose a book in the morning that they could read to first grade buddies to model reading fluency (reading accurately, at a good pace, with expression) for them. They LOVED it!!! It was a great opportunity for them to take on the "big kid" role and be great role models for others in our school.

Book buddies will be every Day 2 from 11:00-11:15

Halloween / Autumn Party

If you are interested in planning activities for a Halloween/Autumn party for Monday, October 31st, please email me! I would like to do some fun activities for the kids that would be educational and a behavior reward for a fun yet crazy day in the year :)

ROAR Friday Rewards for Friday 9/30 and 10/7

This Friday (9/30) we will have our school-wide picnic for our monthly ROAR reward.

Next Friday, 10/7, our class has voted to have a Snack Day for their reward. Please send in snacks the week of 10/2 for us to enjoy on Friday for their weekly reward. We have a shellfish allergy in our class. I would greatly appreciate any donation!

Mrs. LeBlanc

Please never hesitate to contact with any questions or concerns!