Antartica's Most Silent Bird

The Great White Owl, The Cat Owl or The Snowy Owl

The Habitat of The Snowy Owl

The Snowy Owl lives in the Arctic Circle, Denmark, Greenland, Iceland, Northern Russia, Canada and Northern U.S.A. even as far as northern Texas or Virginia. When the Snowy Owl migrates it sometimes has to land on ships or Icebergs while crossing waters.Snowy Owls live in the northern part of the Northern Hemisphere.
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The Snowy Owl's Appearance

A female Snowy Owl has BOLD dark brown bars all over her body including on her face to help camouflauge. A male Snowy Owl has those bold bars when he is young but the older he is the more they disappear until finally they completely disappear. Both the female and the male have ginormous yellow eyes and pointy black beak. They also both have a giant wingspan ( when wings are open from tip of one wing to the other tip of the other wing) of 5 feet.