MJPS Stage 2

Term 2 2016

Welcome back to Maroubra Junction Public School for another great term. Our teachers are looking forward to working closely with students, parents and our community in ensuring improved student outcomes for all.

If you have any enquiries about student progress they should be directed to the class teacher. The Assistant Principal or Principal can discuss wider or whole school concerns. Please make an appointment with the school office or by ringing 9349 8333.

Key Stage Dates

10th May - 12th May Year 3 NAPLAN Tests

13th May - Sport begins

13th May - OC test online application closes

17th May- Year 6 Cake Stall

20th May- Zone Cross Country (No Sport this week)

8th June- 9th June - Band Camp

9th June -Multicultural Public Speaking Competition

14th June- School Athletics Carnival

15th June - ICAS Test- Spelling

30th June- Reports to go home

1st July- Last day of Term - No Sport

Another note:

Wakakirri Practise will be held every Tuesday lunchtime this term.

For whole school events refer to the weekly newsletter.


Class Teachers

3F - Mr Michael Fitzsimmons

3CK - Miss Paige Kelly

3B - Miss Danielle Bambridge

3/4R - Mr Mitchell Smith

4H - Miss Caitlin Hamilton

4G - Ms Alyssa Glenn

4Y - Miss Keryn Yook

Assistant Principal

Ms Alyssa Glenn

Support Staff

Mrs Sue Mirow & Mrs McCormack - Library

Mrs Karen Livermore - EAL/D

Mrs Julie Smith - Learning Support

Ms Mary Stamatellis - Greek Language

Ms Hongjin Wu - Chinese Language



Reminder to wear sports uniform on sports days.

Monday - 4H

Tuesday - 3F, 3/4R

Wednesday - 4Y, 4G

Thursday - 3B, 3CK


Tuesday - 3F, 3/4R, 4Y, 4G, 4H

Thursday - 3F, 3/4R, 3CK, 3B, 4Y, 4G,


Reminder to return borrowed books and bring your library bag.

Monday - 3F, 4Y, 4G

Tuesday - 3B

Thursday -3CK, 3/4R, 4H

Key Learning Areas


In reading and viewing, Stage 2 students will focus on applying the Super Six comprehension strategies. These include: Monitoring, Questioning, Predicting, Making Connections, Visualising and Summarising. Students will integrate a range of skills and strategies efficiently when reading, interpreting, analysing and evaluating quality texts and visual images. They will learn to identify literal information in texts and make inferences, integrate and link ideas, and ask questions to clarify understandings. Students will explore the structural and grammatical features and purposes for a range of texts.

In writing and representing, students will focus on analysing different types of poetry and figurative language needed to develop poetry writing. Year 3 students will explore acrostic, catalogue, emotion and chinquain poetry and the use of similes and metaphors, onomatopoeia and alliteration to create these types of poems. Year 4 will revise these types of poetry and extend their understanding of poetic devices by exploring the use of personification, hyperbole and paradox (juxtaposition).


Students will continue to develop their skills and understanding of length, space and geometry, time and mass. Working mathematically and problem solving strategies are embedded in the learning across all these areas.

Students will continue to attend grade maths groups to gain the specific understanding and skills in the number strand. This term's focus will be addition and subtraction and patterns and algebra. A reminder that these groups are fluid and students are monitored regularly.


This term's Science unit is Feathers, Fur or Leaves. The unit explores the features of living things. Students will explore ways they can be grouped together on the basis of observable features and can be distinguished from non-living things. They use this knowledge to investigate the animal groups. Students will implement aspects of a scientific investigation, such as observing, questioning, predicting, testing, recording accurate results, analysing data and drawing conclusions.


This term's unit is Community and Remembrance. Students explore the historical features and diversity of their community. It focuses on who lived here first and how we know that they did, how our community has changed over time as well as examining local, state and national symbols and emblems of significance, and celebrations and commemorations, both locally and in other places around the world.


Students will be using iPads across all areas of the curriculum to consolidate and enhance their learning. A particular focus for students will be using Explain Everything and Google Classroom to document their understanding and knowledge.


As part of this Key Learning Area students will be involved in a Growth and Development unit where students learn to recognise individual strengths and limitations and identify characteristics that make them unique. Students participate in activities that increase confidence and competence to manage change and develop a growth mindset. All students will participate in a PE lesson during the week, developing skills in Games & Sports situations as well as skills for the upcoming Athletics Carnival.

Creative Arts:

Students will participate in Creative and Practical Arts where students will continue to develop their knowledge and skills in the areas of visual arts, music, dance and drama.



This term assemblies will be on Friday in the hall at 9.15am. Check the newletter for who is hosting and when.

School Supplies:

Please ensure that your child's pencil case is replenished with the following items: 2 HB pencils, red ballpoint pen, ruler, white rubber, pencil sharpener, glue stick, 2 highlighters, whiteboard marker and small scissors. Coloured pencils, texts and a dictionary are also desirables for Stage 2 classes.

Donations- A box of tissue/s donated to your child’s classroom would be appreciated, with the cold weather there are always a few more sniffles around.

Home Learning:

Home Learning started in week 2 and aims to provide Stage 2 students with activities incorporating literacy, numeracy, ICT and optional activities based on current class work. Home Learning will be provided on a Monday and due fortnightly on a Friday.


Students are expected to be dressed in full school uniform each day, including black leather school shoes and school hat.


If your child is absent from school, a note explaining why is required by your child’s class teacher within 7 days

Term Statement of Accounts

Next week, in the mail parents will receive the Term 2 statement of accounts. This lists all activities for each child at this school for Term 2. We hope that this information gives parents sufficient financial notice to plan for these costs. Parents can pay in the usual manner through the class money folders in either one lump sum or by instalments or activities. As previous, any parents seeking financial assistance should ask at the office or directly with the Principal.

It is important to note that students will continue to receive permission notes before each event, however these simply need to be signed and returned to the class teachers. Information about activities and excursions may be unknown to parents at this point in time, but information will be coming out in a timely fashion before each event so parents are aware. What we are trying to do is to separate the information/permission side from the money side and make it easier for both parents and the school.

Arriving at school:

For supervision reasons, please do not arrive before 8.30am. Students are allowed to play on the Basketball Court and the Grass area where the teacher is on duty from 8.30am. Playground equipment is out of bounds before and after school.

Thank you for your ongoing support of your child and the school.

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