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Spain's Costa Brava Area

Costa Brava is one of the coastal regions that are most visited in Spain. It lies on the coast of the Mediterranean. It is also in the province called Girona. It covers an area of some two hundred and fourteen kilometers stretching from Maresme up to the French border. It is a place that holds a lot of natural beauty and the time spent here is really rewarding. It is a coastal area that is actually ideal for the entire family.

There are parts of the coastline here that are rather rocky. This is what actually earned the area the name of wild coast. There are very beautiful bays in Costa Brava which make it an even more attractive area. It is also a region where you will notice a great number of holiday resorts. It is in such areas that you will witness large numbers of tourists every peak season.

Back in the 20th century, the only things that one could be able to see were many fishing villages. They were very small. At this time, many people were attracted to the region because of the beauty that it held. The main tourists who visited the area included persons of a high standing such as Salvador Dali, Marc Chagall, Picasso as well as Rusinol. These people played a great role especially in the field of architecture and art.

In the 50’s, more and more tourists started flooding into the area. The fishing villages that had been quite outstanding in the past now began a great transformation. They became tourist centers. The areas that developed during that time include places such as Lloret de Mar as well as Tossa De Mar. There were many other leisure and hotel facilities that were put up when tourism in the region started rising. However, there are areas in Costa Brava that remain untouched by civilization. They are quite near the sea and give an idea of what the area used to be like in the past. This is a great attraction and plays a major role in the area.

The coastal towns on the Costa Brava are numerous. There are roads everywhere through which many places can be accessed. The roads are located on mountains and they tend to be winding. The most interesting place that you should never miss out on is Salvador Dali's former residence called Cadeques. Many people love visiting this home to remember the great painter and pay their respects.

There are many other areas that should be visited while one is in Costa Brava. It is important to have prior knowledge of the area before setting off for the same.

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Costa Brava Vacation in Holiday Homes

Maisons de vacances en Espagne Costa Brava are the perfect retreats for luxurious holidays. Located in the fascinating coastal towns and villages, the fabulous holiday homes are the best places to unwind.

Costa Brava is one of the most beautiful coastal areas of Spain. The Mediterranean coastline in the province of Girona is a blend of pristine shore, gorgeous developed Blue Flag beaches, picturesque marinas, secluded coves, rugged cliffs and spectacular rock formations. The unspoiled beaches sheltered by pines are the ideal venues for romantic rendezvous. For adventure sports enthusiasts, Costa Brava offers plenty of opportunity for thrilling maritime activities and hiking in the mountainous regions bordering the coast. A paradise for gourmands, Costa Brava is a great place for sampling delectable Catalan cuisine and locally produced wines.

A popular holiday destination for well-heeled tourists as well as budget travelers, there is something for every visitor to Costa Brava.

Where to Stay

Maisons de vacances en Espagne Costa Brava cater to different budgets. The holiday homes located in the holiday resort areas combine comfort with privacy. With home-like privacy and hotel-like comfort, the holiday homes give visitors the freedom to spend their Costa Brava holiday their way. For a low cost self-catering vacation in a resort city of Costa Brava, you may rent a holiday apartment. Offering a number of shared facilities such as pool, garden, café and stores, holiday apartment rentals are preferred by families, couples and solitary travelers alike. Apart from the spacious villas with private pools and luxurious gardens, a number of semi-detached holiday homes with shared pools and gardens are available in Costa Brava. These semi-detached villas are affordable alternatives to the luxurious villas with exclusive facilities.

When to Go

Costa Brava attracts visitors throughout the year. July and August is the peak season for family holidays. This is the time when the holiday rentals reach the maximum height and the beaches and leisure facilities are packed with tourists. However, the beach areas of Costa Brava are equally attractive during early summer and early autumn. This is the best time to bask in the sun on the beaches without knocking elbows with other travelers. Although winter is not the perfect time for swimming, snorkeling and other water activities, nonetheless, it is a great time for exploring the almost deserted coastline and enjoying decent sunshine.

Where to Go

Costa Brava is home to a number of beautiful towns and villages. You can visit Lloret de Mar, Tossa de Mar, El Escala, Sant Pere Pescador or any other holiday resort.

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Rent a Villa with Pool in Spain

Vakantiehuis met zwembad in Spanje is the ideal luxury holiday accommodation. Located in picturesque areas of the country, the lovely villas with private pools offer the comforts of a pleasurable vacation.

A private swimming pool is a prominent feature of holiday homes in Spain. From standard pools to beautiful infinity swimming pools, you will come across a variety of pool designs in the Spanish villas. The spacious villas with large outdoor area also offer a separate pool for children. As majority of tourists visit Spain during the summer months, heating facilities are absent in a large number of villa pools located in the coastal towns and villages. However, numerous upscale holiday homes boast of heated swimming pools.

Where to Find Vakantiehuis met Zwembad in Spanje

Villas with pools are available throughout Spain. You can easily find a beautiful holiday villa with a lovely private swimming pool in the popular holiday areas in Costa Brava, Costa Blanca, Costa Del Sol and Maresme Coast in Barcelona. Majorca, Ibiza, Minorca and the prominent Canarian islands in the Atlantic are dotted with fascinating holiday homes with private pools. Villas with pools are not only concentrated in the prominent Costas and archipelagos of Spain. Even the rural dwellings of the country have private swimming pools. Hence, Spain is the ideal destination for a holiday in a luxurious accommodation with a private swimming pool.

How to Find Villa with Pool in Spain

To find a villa with pool appropriate for your budget, visit a prominent villa rental website. The large number of holiday villas with private pools available on a villa rental website will spoil you for choice. After comparing the prices and facilities, you can easily locate a holiday home best suited for your Spain holiday. Given the huge demand for vacation homes with private pools, remember to book your accommodation promptly.

Villa owners offer off season discounts and concessions on rents for extended vacations. The discounted rent brings down the cost of holidaying in Spain.

Why Rent Villa with Pool in Spain

A private pool is not only a luxury facility. It is also a necessity for a large number of holidaymakers. Even people holidaying in beachfront villas cannot resist the attraction of villas with private swimming pool. By renting a holiday home with a private pool, you can relax and enjoy the Mediterranean sunshine by the side of the pool. Away from the crowd of holidaymakers, a villa offers the highest level of privacy.

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Types of Holiday Homes in Spain

The good life of the Spaniards is reflected in the villa de vacances en Espagne. The Spanish towns and countryside are dotted with attractive villas. Villa holidays combine the luxuries of upscale holiday accommodations with comforts of homes. The privacy of the holiday homes tempt couples and families to spend their vacations in the comforts of the villas without stepping out into the crowded tourist areas.

Moreover, villa de vacances en Espagne offers the quintessential experience of Spanish living. The traditional country houses, known as fincas, are especially suited for enjoying the rustic charm of Spain.

Holiday Homes in Spain


The detached properties featuring garden and swimming pool are the most sought after holiday properties in Spain. They are the ideal holiday homes for holidaymakers who want to discover the attractions of a holiday area of the country at their own pace. Although, a wide range of holiday villas is available in Spain, the rentals are affordable. Hence, renting a holiday home with self-catering facilities is a luxury that can be afforded without breaking the bank. Villas located near the tourist centres usually charge a higher rent, especially during the busy tourist season during the summer months.


For a low cost self-catering holiday accommodation, consider renting a casa. The modern semi-detached properties are affordable alternatives to the luxuries villas. These holiday homes comprising of one to two storied houses with a garden are available in the towns and villages of Spain. While several casas boast of a small private swimming pool, most of them offer communal pools and gardens that are shared with guests living in the neighboring casas.

Country house

A spacious rural dwelling set in the middle of an orchard is the most attractive holiday property in the Spanish countryside. The Spanish farmhouses offer the luxuries of coastal villas at a reasonable rate. The refurbished farmhouses are designed to pamper guests with an array of luxurious amenities. With elegantly furnished rooms, separate kitchen equipped with cooking appliances and cookware and a private pool, the holiday properties in the countryside mix comfort with tranquility.

Locations of Villa de Vacances in Espagne

The seaside resorts dotting the Spanish Costas and islands are the leading destinations for villa vacations. The beachfront villas in Costa Blanca, the stately mansions in the towns and villages of Catalonia and the lavish farmhouses in the islands of the Balearics archipelago are the most sought after accommodations for luxurious villa vacations in Spain.

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Interesting Vacations in Costa Brava

Costa Brava is among the many coasts that Spain boasts. It is quite an attractive coastal region where many find holidays to be extremely interesting especially for those who love sun and sand. This coast has a pleasant climate which could be the reason many find it to be the great place for a holiday while in Spain. You will find many holidaymakers here throughout the year especially those from the colder regions of Europe.

Vacations spent in Costa Brava tend to be some of the most fun and interesting. This is a great spot for fun lovers as well as those looking for an active holiday in Spain. It is all thanks to the amazing areas and the activities which are in plenty for all holidaymakers to take part in during their holidays. There is everything from water sports to land sports and even sightseeing escapades which are designed to ensure that the best areas in Costa Brava are explored during the vacations.

Apart from the interesting sightseeing, Costa Brava also has amazing accommodation facilities for vacations. There is always a great option for any kind of holidaymaker from individuals to couples on honeymoon to even families among them little ones. The careful consideration of what the coast has to offer always fetches a choice that is best depending on the vacation needs that the individuals have.

There are vacation packages and offers which can be taken advantage of by those looking to have the best experiences in the coast. They are put together by travel agencies which do their best to meet with the varying vacation expectations and since they organize the vacations, you will most definitely find one that matches with the budget limits that you have set for the holiday. You will therefore manage to enjoy your vacation in the coast and still manage to spend only a considerable amount of money while at it.

There is plenty of activities to take part in while in Costa Brava and the truth is that time elapses before holidaymakers are in a position to exhaust everything that the coastal region has to offer. When thinking of spending a vacation in Costa Brava however, there is still the importance of ensuring that you make early arrangements and bookings especially when travelling to the area during peak season where every other vacationer is headed to the amazing spot of Spain.

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Attractions of Spain Holiday Home Rental with Pool

There is a huge demand for location maison vacances Espagne avec piscine among European tourists. The freshwater of the pool not only provides respite from the summer heat, the poolside is a popular venue for relaxation.

Most of the holiday homes of Spain come with swimming pools of different shapes and sizes. Whether you are holidaying in a coastal resort or inland, in a verdant Spanish countryside, you can easily find a villa with a pool in any part of Spain.

Features of Spain Holiday Home Rental with Pool

The Spanish holiday homes offer private or shared pools. Semi-detached villas with shared pools are usually more affordable than detached villas with private pools. From the standard swimming pools to infinity pools, a variety of swimming pools can be found in the holiday villas of Spain. Some of the lavish villas also offer a separate pool for kids. Luxurious villas feature pools with heated facilities. You may even locate an upscale modern villa with indoor pool.

Apart from the pool, other facilities available in a Spanish holiday home include tastefully furnished bedrooms, fully equipped kitchen, utility area, lawn, parking area and internet connection. Barbecue, luxuriant garden and top floor solarium add to the attraction of a Spanish villa. With multiple bedrooms, two to ten people can sleep in the holiday homes.

How to Find a Holiday Home with Pool?
It is advisable to visit a reliable villa rental website to find an appropriate villa with a pool in Spain. By comparing prices and facilities, you can easily locate a villa of your choice. Only the finest holiday properties are listed in the prominent websites. Hence, you need not worry about the quality of facilities by booking an accommodation online through a prominent Spanish holiday home rental website.

Destinations for Holiday Homes with Pool

For location maison vacances Espagne avec piscine, you can head out to any part of the country. After a city break in Barcelona, to experience the charm of the rural countryside of Catalonia, consider spending your holiday in a villa in one of the towns or villages on the Maresme coast. For a romantic holiday, a cozy villa with a private pool is the appropriate lodging for couples in the scenic tourist areas of Costa Brava. The lavish villas of Costa Blanca attract families as well as groups of friends traveling together. To soak up the sunshine of the sunny coast of Costa Del Sol, you can bask in the sun on the poolside of a villa.

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Attractive Villa Rentals in Spain

The affordable location villas en Espagne has made Spain a popular destination for a luxurious holiday. From beach holidays to a peaceful vacation in the lush countryside, villas are available for all types of holidays. Overlooking the fabulous beaches or tucked inland in a picturesque rural area, holiday homes catering to different budgets are readily available throughout Spain.

Villas in Spain are detached properties with furnished rooms and fully equipped kitchen. The quality of facilities in the holiday villas is excellent. For a pleasurable vacation, numerous travelers prefer to rent villas for short stays or for extended holidays.

Villa Rentals in Spain

There is a variety of location villa en Espagne. The rent depends upon the location of the villa and the quality of the facilities. For a low cost self-catering vacation, consider renting a traditional Spanish house without a private pool. Villas with pools are the most prized holiday properties in Spain. From the standard design to the infinity style, the pools come in various shapes and sizes. The manicured lawn and the luxuriant garden of the holiday homes add to the attraction of the holiday properties. You can relax by the poolside or in the garden and escape the heat of the summer by swimming in the pool. Enjoying an alfresco dinner in the lawn or terrace, while enjoying the view of the surrounding landscape, is the perfect way of spending a luxurious holiday. With air-conditioned rooms elegantly decorated with traditional and modern furnishing, the Spanish holiday villas offer the comforts of star rated accommodations. The kitchens are equipped to offer the best quality self-catering facilities. If you are bringing your pet with you, make sure that the villa you are renting allows pets. Disability access is offered by several holiday villas in Spain.

Locations for Villa Rentals in Spain

Planning a villa holiday? Consider visiting one of the famous Costas of Spain. The seaside villas of the coastal towns and villages on the Mediterranean coastline of Spain are among the most attractive self-catering holiday homes of the country. The rugged coast of Costa Brava offers stylish villas reflecting the Catalan lifestyle. The fabulous villas in Costa Blanca attract holidaymakers throughout the year, especially during the summer months. The sunny coast of Costa Del Sol with abundant sunshine throughout the year is a year round destination for villa holidays. The islands of the Balearic Islands and Canary Islands archipelagoes of Spain offer numerous stylish villas, aptly suited for a luxurious vacation.

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Best Holiday in Spain

Spain is among the world countries which guarantee a satisfying holiday and hence it is a popular destination across the world. You will find tourists from all over the world flocked within the different regions of the country with the hope to have the best of the country. Planning a holiday is however very important even when going to Spain as it is the only way that makes it possible for it to be the best ever.

One of the ways through which you can be sure to have a great holiday in Spain is having the holiday specialists plan it out for you. They will pick the best features for you and ensure that you are within a region that has the potential to meet with every holiday that you have. This option is most suitable for the first times going to Spain on holidays and do not have the slightest idea of where to begin with the planning and exactly which areas of interest are great to visit during the holidays.

Your holiday can also be made the best by conducting a research yourself on the enormous country. You can search for the major attractions, must do things, and must see features and fun activities. The internet will give you a list of regions and even cities in Spain with all the details you need regarding such aspects of a holiday and depending on your preferences, you will most definitely manage to plan a holiday that is bound to satisfy your desires throughout your stay in the country. You can always have something special planned to make the experience most unique.

The other option that you have when it comes to making your holiday in Spain the best is by going through the holiday packages that could already be in place. Such packages are a great way of saving time and money in planning for the holiday since they take care of every holiday need there could be. The tours around the country are also organized and will be aware of all the areas you will be visiting and what you will be exposed to throughout the holiday hence making it easier for you to choose a package that is in line with your kind of holiday expectations.

Apart from planning, a holiday can only be best when you remain within your financial capabilities. By working with a reasonable budget, you will manage to enjoy Spain without stressing your finances.

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Enjoying Holidays in Costa Brava

Costa Brava is located on the south of famed Pyrenees in Catalonia and it is a region that can be amazing for holidaymakers especially looking for a memorable holiday. It has much to offer and the best thing is that the holiday deals are quite affordable and reasonable. It has much more to offer other than tacky souvenirs and sangria. It is translated as the Wild Coast and is actually a dramatic coastline boasting breathtaking natural beauty hence a great place for a much deserved Spanish holiday.

It experiences pleasant climate with the sunshine being regular hence a favorite for many. It is also a coast that can be easy to access especially for those coming from the UK offering the kind of ease many holidaymakers yearn for any given time. Apart from taking care of the beach lovers it is also a great spot for history and art lovers. This is because it has a cultural heritage that is rich and it is composed of ancient castles and medieval towns all of which will take you way back into time where you get the chance to learn a few things about the history.

When it comes to accommodation, the hotels are designed to cater for the varying needs of the visitors. You are bound to find an accommodation facility that easily meets with every of your requirement and expectation for the holiday. You won’t have to worry whether you are on a family holiday or with a group of friends since you will find something that is most suitable. There is just so much to see and do while in Costa Brava that it is expected you will run out of time for the holidays before you run out of interesting things to do while here.

Costa Brava holidays are never boring. You will have the chance to have a taste of the city excitement in areas such as Barcelona to the historical and mind blowing Dali Museum if you love art. Other interesting features you cannot miss out on include the Montserrat Monastery, Blanes botanical gardens and even the water park around Lloret de Mar among many other beautiful features that will take your breath away. There is no way you will find yourself struggling to find something interesting to do while in Costa Brava.

If you are going to the area with kids for that family holiday, then the Marineland is the place to be. It is a complex that has sea lions, dolphins, reptiles, parrot shows and children zoos and an exciting boating lake.

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Securing a Holiday Villa in Spain

There is a plethora of holiday villas which a tourist can book personally or via a holiday agent when planning to visit Spain. Rental villas are becoming more popular with tourists or holidaymakers today over hotel stays. More privacy and flexibility is enjoyed by villa guests with a possible higher savings if travelling in a small group of 5-10 persons.

Villa choices

Holiday villas in Spain which have been listed on the market for rent are well maintained. They exude a quaint architecture that can be from past eras to contemporary. These can be simple and homey places of stay or luxury bungalows with a large garden and swimming pool for the guests’ enjoyment.

There are many villas for rent all over Spain. A typical villa in Spain can accommodate 5-10 persons with a 5-star rating. It can be close to the city although it is located in the beautiful open air countryside. It can be single story bungalows close to the beach or town. The homeowners usually stay nearby to facilitate the upkeep of the villa.


Beautiful valley, mountain or beach views can be enjoyed from the balconies or terraces. Guests can laze all day in the garden without disturbances from strangers as there is complete privacy with high walls around the villa.

There may be several historical attractions accessible from these holiday villas which guests can visit during their free time depending on their itinerary. The tourist information center is usually close by to assist guests with their holiday itinerary or questions.

Villa owners are very discreet while the villa is being occupied by guests but they are easily available to provide the necessary amenities such as clean towels or fixing the air conditioning.

The natural environment that offers tranquility and solace with the desire privacy is the primary reason for holidaymakers to choose a villa stay in Spain over hotels.


A holiday villa in Spain can be booked via the Internet today with villa owners being very web savvy to provide the website for open bookings throughout the year. It is cheaper to book the preferred villa directly with the owner than to go through middlemen who charge a commission.

Early bookings of these holiday villas must be done months prior to the holiday dates as the villas are very popular. The peak season dates are blacked out very quickly once they are opened for booking. Confirmed bookings must be made with full payment via major credit cards for overseas bookings.

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Holiday Villas Spain Stay Options

Holiday villas in Spain are growing in popularity with the many quaint homes opened to holidaymakers from across the world. There are millions of tourists coming into Spain every year for business or holiday. There is a rising need and demand for comfortable and clean accommodation at affordable prices.

Preferred areas

Any seasoned traveler to Spain would seek out the best of stays around the country. One of the favorite holiday spots in Spain is Costa Blanca which offers great white sandy beaches and warm waters for a host of activities to occupy the holidaymakers.

Summer is an ideal season to enjoy a vacation in Spain with the bright sunshine to get a lovely tan. Families and individuals come in hordes to grab a place on the beach for a great time. They would need comfortable accommodation nearby to facilitate their holiday plans.

Costa Blanca has many holiday resorts which can be fully booked during the summer. An alternative stay choice would be holiday villas if there are 4 or more persons traveling together.

A typical Costa Blanca villa can accommodate 4 persons with its 2 bedroom villa. A luxury villa in Spain can enjoy a 5-star rating like a high class hotel. Such villas in Costa Blanca can be located near the city of Rojales or village for more privacy.

Most holiday villas in Spain do not favor pets; hence, holidaymakers who book villas must confirm if pets are allowed before making the booking payment.


Holiday villas in Costa Blanca offer the best of tranquility with the long stretches of soft sandy beaches and beautiful natural landscapes all around. The villas allow guests to get away from the maddening crowd when solace is desired or to join them during a local festival in the village or town.

There are market activities in the village or town center to enlighten guests for a taste of local culture and hospitality. Simple excursions can be made to several places of attractions or historical interests.

There are well kept parks where guests can enjoy moments of tranquility with a stroll or walk around to smell the flowers. Summer parties are held in the open park areas for a light hearted celebration. Holidaymakers can participate in these local festivities.

Many Costa Blanca villas may have a large rooftop terrace or spacious garden where one can enjoy the lovely natural scenery or have some private entertainment or function. The garden is an ideal spot for a summer barbecue and a dip in the swimming pool if available.

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Using Villa Rental Spain Services

As the demand for holiday villas in Spain grows today, more of these homes are being renovated and furnished to cater to the growing demand. There are many villas in Spain which are opened as holiday homes to entice holidaymakers who prefer a villa rental Spain stay than hotels.

Across Spain

There are many holiday homes which are villas listed for rent to holidaymakers or tourists to Spain. These can be found in any part of Spain although the Costa regions are most preferred with the Balearic Islands.

Tourists to Spain want a different holiday experience while in Spain through a unique choice of accommodation like a villa stay. These villas can be located in the countryside to enjoy the tranquillity of the natural surroundings or some villas can be found close to the beaches. Guests would enjoy the best of both worlds where they can visit the beach easily for some frolicking fun in the sun and waters or stay in the comfort of the villa to enjoy their privacy while sunbathing in the garden or swimming in the pool provided.

Some tourists may prefer a villa rental near to the town or city to facilitate their shopping or urban preferences. Different towns and cities in Spain offer villa rentals of every kind; single story villas of 2-3 rooms to bungalows of 2 storeys with 4-6 rooms are available for rent across Spain. These can be booked personally with the villa owner or through professional agents.

Booking services

Not every tourist to Spain is familiar with the culture, tradition and way of working. Different provinces in Spain may adopt different traditions and work ways. Hence, renting a villa in Spain for a holiday may not be smooth to generate a perfect holiday if the booking of villa is not executed properly.

A first time tourist wanting a villa rental should consider the assistance of professional villa rental Spain services in town or on the Internet. These professional service providers on holiday rental villas in Spain have a long list of delightful villa homes of every kind to meet the holidaymaker’s expectations satisfactorily from location to budget.

Holidaymakers do not need to waste time and effort in seeking for the desired villa from the plethora of choices. The professional service providers on Spanish villa home rentals can identify the best of villa stay according to the specific requirements of the tourists.

A small service fee is worth the trouble and stress in finding the most appropriate holiday villa in Spain.

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