Fourth Grade Library News

What have fourth graders been up to in the library?

Fourth graders investigate rainforests

Fourth graders have been investigating rainforests, and in so doing have been reinforcing how to prevent plagiarism. We have discussed different forms of notetaking that help us avoid plagiarism (summarizing, paraphrasing, and quoting), citing our sources, and how we have to cite images and other forms of text/media beyond regular books as well. Students spent a good chunk of the quarter investigating various aspects of rainforests, comparing information from multiple resources. Students used this information to create Smore online posters (similar to this one!) to showcase what they have learned so far. Soon they will have to make an argument one way or another as to whether rainforests should be preserved.

We also dabbled in other library matters this quarter...we celebrated National Poetry month by exploring a little bit of poetry (by the way, not all poetry has to rhyme or have a set structure)...and we also explored "mentor texts" (texts chosen by a teacher to demonstrate or showcase a text feature), such as Roxaboxen. Roxaboxen has a beautiful, lyrical storytelling to it, and it also is an excellent example of inference (showing, not telling). Books such as Roxaboxen, Owen, and Owl Moon can convey so much to the reader without actually telling the reader overtly what is going on.

Got Any Apps to Share?

If students have any educational apps they would like to share, let me know! Here are some educational apps that students will love.

Vocabulary/Spelling City...Math vs. Zombies...PBS Kids Play... BrainPop... PebbleGo... Vocabla...Rush Hour... Cut the Rope...Toontastic... Bluster...Scribblenauts... Duolingo

There are sooo many more than I can possibly mention here. My own kids have played Scribblenauts on their Nintendo DS devices for years. Both kids are now learning French on Duolingo. The apps/sites I listed here are just to give you a taste of what is out there. You can also Google "best apps for [name your device]" to find more. is one site where I found some of these apps.