The Next Side of Abundant Power

How Hydro power will Change the World

The Worlds Damaging Source and New Way Out

As many of us know the world takes billions of kilowatts in order to power our planet Earth and bring us our everyday necessities. Most of which the power comes from one large source, coal mining and burning. This source of energy has been around for hundreds of years now and is growing on our planet. Temperatures and the melting of the Polar Icecaps has brought a new view on the world. We figured out that smoke and damaging chemicals coming from coal are polluting our Earth. With this problem the people of our planet have brought in new ways to produce energy with a twist, it is clean. One of the methods that are now being used and built is hydro electric power. This power is commonly know as electricity formed from moving water. Several countries like the Western United States, Canada, Brazil, and China have began to move this energy source into their lives.

How it Works

In order to obtain energy from the flow of water one must build a dam. By building this dam, the controllers block the flow of water in a river or lake with a wall. They can then use this wall and pipes to guide and flow the water blocked off down with tubes. This sudden and constant flow of water through the tubes spins giant turbines that then spin generators producing electrical energy. In simpler terms, blocked water (reservoir) is let through the intake and goes through the penstock and turns a turbine. This turbine spins a generator that produces electrical energy and is stored in a power house.
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This source of clean energy is very positive to the environment and to the economy of our power hungry world. One huge reason as to why this source is so great is that it uses a renewable resource as its "fuel" in order to produce electricity. Other methods such as coal burning come under the danger that the world only has so much of it in the ground. Also the facility that is used in order make the electricity is in no way possible harmful to the environment. No pollutants are given off being its using water to generate the electricity. As for the economy the electricity is cheap and reliable. Hydro electricity costs around 85 cents per kWh. Also compared to other power generates construction of these facilities cost much less and don't harm the environment.


Though, with some positives there always comes negatives. First of all the placement of these facilities have to be along water ways and/or rivers. This comes at a disadvantage because they cant be everyday, countries that need power and don't have a water way, have no chance of using this as a energy producer. The dam going under tremendous strain from the millions of tons of water could potentially break and leave a massive disaster around the local area. As for the economy the only if negative thing is that this source could bring the cost of electricity down.

The Percentages and Applications

The United States

In the United States approximately 9.8% of the nation's power is generated from hydro electric dams. Countries like Canada, United States, Former USSR, Brazil, and China are the top 5 countries that use this source as the clean energy and turn it into electrical energy.


The most common application of hydro power is at facilities/major dams. This is because in order to mass produce electric power using this method there has to be a massive amount of water in order to make it worth the time/money. This method could potentially be used at homes that are near rivers but homes far away will not be able to have this system.


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