January 12, 2022


Based on guidance from the Wisconsin Council of Churches and the Wisconsin Conference of the United Methodist Church, FUMC Administration Council voted to suspend in-person worship through February 27, 2022, as COVID infections and hospitalizations soar due to the highly transmissible Omicron variant. Guidelines and data will be evaluated weekly.

Smaller groups (e.g., confirmation classes) will be allowed to meet in person as long as masking and distancing protocols are followed.

FUMC building partners will be kept abreast of all changes and decisions but will be allowed to determine their own actions as long as they comply with masking and distancing protocols while in the church building.

In times of great difficulty, people of faith are called to return to deeply held values and practices, such as living in and for community, self-sacrificial love for others, and living the Christian identity even when it puts us at odds with the rest of society. Christianity, from the very beginning of its existence, is a counter-cultural movement. We are called to be different from the world. Our values lead us to different conclusions. Our highest values are not revenue or attendance. These are in God’s hands. Even when we fear for the survival of our ministry, we need to trust that God’s on it; God’s got it; God’s in charge. We are reminded daily that we are not in control. The Church of Jesus Christ has survived far more than what we are currently experiencing and will survive this challenge. Thanks be to God.

With the decision to suspend in-person worship, we hope to:

  • Do no harm. The health and wellbeing of our members and friends is paramount as we exercise an abundance of care as well as caution in these next weeks. Because we live in and for community, we will do our best to protect vulnerable individuals.
  • Ease the burden on our healthcare systems, as COVID hospitalizations have reached a new record high since the start of the pandemic.
  • Avoid worsening the pandemic through our actions, as the US is averaging more than 700,000 new cases a day.

This decision was made with both resolve and sadness; we all regret the setback of this latest COVID variant, and yet we are incredibly grateful for having the capability for a temporary pivot to on-line worship services only.

Online worship can be accessed on our YouTube channel, Facebook, the website and our app.

Offerings can be mailed to the church office or made electronically through the website and app. Should you have any questions regarding financial gifts, please call the church office.

Let us please refrain from saying “Church is cancelled” or “Church is closed.” Neither are true. The staff are working diligently amid these challenges and worship will continue. God is still present and continues to encourage us to share the Light with the broken world. May we do so with intention.